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Romney will increase government spending.

So will Obama.

Lawrence Summers - America’s state will expand whoever wins

1. In the USA, 32% of federal government spending is on the care of the elderly.

The number of 'elderly' is increasing fast.

The cost of medical treatment for the elderly is increasing fast.

"Since the early 1980s the price of hospital care and higher education has risen more than 100-fold relative to the price of televisions." 


Of course the US government could be sensible and (1) curb the pay of doctors (2) curb the profits of the drugs companies and (3) reduce the school leaving age.

But, how likely is that? Both Romney and Obama are on the side of the rich doctors and drugs companies.

Or, the government could drastically cut Social security, Medicare, Medicaid and free schooling, and, it could cut federal pension liabilities, and it could let infrastructure such as roads and power stations continue to decline.

That could be much too risky as the military and police might then join in riots.

2. The federal government's debt is rising and interest rates may soon rise.

The federal government's spending to service its debt may almost double by 2020.

Lawrence Summers - America’s state will expand whoever wins

3.  The cost of "everything from cutting-edge scientific research to regulating banks" rises faster than overall inflation. 

4. The rich are finding new ways to avoid paying tax, and, "there is a steady decline in the fraction of tax returns that are audited."

So, if Romney wins, he will not find it easy to reduce government spending.

"Despite Reagan's calls for smaller government, federal spending rose during his term."  (Big Government Becomes The Big Issue)

"Neither Romney nor Obama anticipate any changes to Social Security."

Romney and Ryan may get the individual states, rather than the government in Washington, to pay more towards 'welfare'.

What about military spending?

Table 1: U.S. Military spending, 2007 (in billions of dollars)

"Since 2001, acknowledged U.S. national defense spending has increased by almost 60 percent in real dollar terms to a level in 2007 of $553 billion... 

"Yet, so gargantuan and labyrinthine are U.S. military expenditures that the above grossly understates their true magnitude, which reached $1 trillion in 2007." 


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

A beyond-disgusting state of affairs.

holistic health practitioners are hunted and shut down, or become 'shady operators',acc to the 'authorities'

holistic health seekers are persecuted by the same 'authorities'.

Director Tony Scott is said to have jumped to his death from a Los Angeles bridge, because he had brain tumour/cancer.

Nobody knows, really, other than the despair he must have felt.

In any case, where was compassion and mercy and tender loving care for this man?

What a disgusting/terrifying regime is being imposed upon us.

And while we are at it, what about retired Marine Brau, taken by the 'authorities' for his Facebook activism? There is a petition we can all sign.

Please God save our freedoms to live naturally & holistically: whole=integrity=holy.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hello Aang
As you know, I am a new comer to this world stage of slime....and today discovered the wordpress website, which is just as sad as AANGIRFAN :-(

I wanted to cut and paste a comment on the basis that this person suggests Julian's presence in the Ecuador Embassy is protecting Andrea, whose 'evidence' is way more damning to you know who.

But then, I do not know the intricacies as AANGIRFAN knows them. I am still a beginner, knowing only about a boy in Paradise, thinking he was a rare 'event'.

Please enlighten us with your analysis. In the meantime I will again go thru your archives, as I had never heard of Andrea.

And the article, dated 1 August, asks: why are the media not outside the Ecuador Embassy?

So it is pretty clear to this little dumb cluck, that an 'international incident' is happening in London outside the Ecuador Embassy, with so few seeming to be aware of the 'other, much more important/critical personage!

International intrigue alright!

God bless AANGIRFAN.

Anonymous said...

'Maybe it is time to expose this elusive lady whose knowledge could easily bring down not only the current Prime Minister and his government but also many of the past PM’s and other senior MP’s and members of the House of Lord’s…… who is she?'
Peter Eyre
1 August Veterans Today

on Andrea Davidson, co-asylum seeker with Assange

Anonymous said...

The U.S. healthcare debate is a total FRAUD. It is easy to identify the 5% of the seniors who account for 50% of costs and just as easy to find the conditions that are most draining. An intelligent approach would target diabetes and the first year or two on Medicare when costs explode. You address the low numbers of people who spend most of the money and you have a sane health system. This "it costs too much" nonsense of the Republicans is pathetic. The Democrats are equally to blame for not adopting a rationalist approach. They talk of prevention but they're full of it. We needed targeted medical care for certain populations and conditions

Anonymous said...

Anony 10:33 - TONY SCOTT's death was a ritual sacrifice. And stop ranting....

Anonymous said...

nonny 12.22
are you the fuhrer?

Until I hear an objection or command from aangirfan, whose space this is, I will continue as I am.

Peace be with you.

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