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The Islamic terrorists in Algeria secretly work for the spooks.

The following is taken from an article entitled: The Ugly Truth about Algeria

(The article is by John R. Schindler, professor of national-security affairs at the U.S. Naval War College. He is a former counterintelligence officer with the National Security Agency.)

The official story is straightforward.

Two decades ago, Algeria's military-led junta ...cancelled a democratic election...

U.S. Army Africa's commanding general meets with Algerian military and government leaders in Algiers, Algeria, in 2010. Website for this image

By 1993, the supremely violent Armed Islamic Group (GIA) emerged as 'the implacable foe of the regime'...

GIA was the creation of Algeria's military intelligence service the DRS.

The aim was to discredit foes of the regime.

(Compare with the UK security services 'running the IRA', and the CIA 'running Al Qaeda'. Reportedly, French intelligence also helped run the terrorist GIA  - Aangirfan)

Street-Working Algerian Kids (1910)
By postaletrice

The GIA conducted brutal attacks not just in Algeria but in Europe as well, including a wave of bombings in Paris in the summer of 1995, remembered by terrorism gurus as Al Qaeda’s first attacks on the West...

In 2006, Al Qaeda brought these Algerian mujahidin into its ranks, renaming the local franchise Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM)...

The French killed many Algerians. Over a million Algerians died between 1954 and 1962.

So, the Islamist GIA was the creation of the DRS, Algeria's military intelligence service...

Much of  the GIA’s leadership consisted of DRS agents, who drove the group into the dead end of mass murder, a ruthless tactic that thoroughly discredited GIA Islamists among nearly all Algerians.

Most of its major operations were the handiwork of the DRS, including the 1995 wave of bombings in France.

Some of the most notorious massacres of civilians were perpetrated by military special units masquerading as mujahidin, or by GIA squads under DRS control...

The Algerian security service DRS may also control al Qaeda in Algeria...

Algeria’s neighbors... reject the idea that extremists can be combated only by... the United States...

Mali’s head of state security, who is charged with keeping Algerian mujahidin out of his country, told the press in June 2009 that “at the heart of local Al Qaeda (AQIM) is the Algerian security service, the DRS.” Shortly thereafter, he was shot dead at home by “unknown gunmen.”

U.S. interest in the North African Sahel has only grown in recent years, roughly in tandem with the alleged rise of AQIM (the local al qaeda) in the region.

It is no coincidence that the U.S. Army is aligning a combat brigade with U.S. Africa Command and the Pentagon’s interest in the region is rising fast...

While most Algerians want an end to... the corrupt military elite that has run the country since France left in 1962, few pine for any sort of Islamist dictatorship...

 Mid-May parliamentary elections resulted in a surprising win for the junta... but infighting among the elite may undo the system...

Kabyle Boys
By ookami_dou

The New Zealand Listener reported on the links between the French security services and the 'Islamic terrorists' in Algeria.

'In recent years, firm evidence has begun to emerge from Algerian military sources and leading academics that the dreaded GIA has been – perhaps from the outset and certainly under Zitouni's bloody leadership – a dummy, or 'screen' organisation managed by French/Algerian counter-intelligence.'

Reportedly, the Algerian military, disguised as terrorists, were barbaric.

In February 2001, 'The Dirty War', by Habib Souaidia, a former Algerian army officer, was published.

It tells of the part played by the Algerian army in the killing of tens of thousands of Algerians.

Habib writes:"I have seen colleagues burn alive a 15-year-old child.

"I have seen soldiers disguising themselves as terrorists and massacring civilians.

"I have seen colonels kill mere suspects in cold blood.

"I have seen officers torture fundamentalists to death...."

U.S. Army Africa's commanding general meets with Algerian military and government leaders in Algiers, Algeria

The United States has built a huge military surveillance base at Tamanrasset in Algeria.

US forces are training the Algerian military.

Washington wants to provide Algiers with pilot-less drone planes.

This military base is a result of agreements signed between Washington and Algiers for oil industry development.

In addition, the United States has worked to include Algeria in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and considers this North African country one of its most important allies outside of NATO.


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