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Turkish prime minister Recep Erdogan.

Is the Turkish prime minister corrupt?

In a cable written in 2004, former US Ambassador Eric Edelman wrote:

We have heard from two contacts that Erdogan has eight accounts in Swiss banks.

"His explanations that his wealth comes from the wedding presents guests gave his son and that a Turkish businessman is paying the educational expenses of all four Erdogan children in the U.S. purely altruistically are lame."

Erdogan (left) attends a CIA - al Qaeda gathering in Libya.

Deputy Prime Minister Cemil Çiçek, commenting on the WikiLeaks documents, said they were released with the purpose of creating tension between nations and politicians.

Wikileaks, which reportedly is run by the CIA, exposed the US cables that claim that Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan has eight Swiss bank accounts with hundreds of millions of dollars. 

PM Erdoğan vows to pursue legal action against WikiLeaks claims /
US cables claim Turkish PM Erdoğan has eight Swiss bank accounts

Erdogan with his Jewish classmate Rafael Sadi. They studied economics together.

"Views differ as to Erdogan's personal complicity in the various corruption scandals of his administration, but there are few who would deny that 'where there is smoke, there is fire.' 

"And while it is certainly possible that the prosecution of the cases against Erdogan may have been politically motivated, the public evidence and what we have heard from Istanbul contacts in a position to know point to an extensive pattern of corruption." 

OriginConsulate Istanbul (Turkey)
Cable timeFri, 14 Mar 2003 14:11 UTC

Is Erdogan a billionaire?

Rahmi Koc (one of Turkey’s wealthiest man) stated: "Mr Erdogan has one billion dollars." ( 2001, CNN)

Corruption Record of Tayyip Erdogan.

"Erdogan bought a dry cargo ship for his son Ahmet Burak Erdogan for $2,323,000...

"His other son Bilal Erdoan bought an apartment in the US for $216,000.

"In addition, these two brothers own a villa worth of 1 trillion TL ...Erdogan bought a 450 square-foot similar villa in the same area for himself." 

Gulen and friend.

On 6 August 2011, The Economist reported on the friend of Erdogan, who is friendly towards Israel (A hard act to follow).

This friend of Erdogan, Fethullah Gulen, reportedly has links to heroin. (Funded by Heroin Via the CIA ...)

"These days the religious teacher who wields most influence over the Turks is Fethullah Gulen," says The Economist.

In 2010, nine Turks, taking supplies to Gaza, were killed by Israeli commandos.

Gulen said it was partly the Turkish side's fault: the flotilla should not have defied Israel.

Gulen lives in America and has been accused of having links to the CIA.

The Gulen movement "forms the apex of a huge conglomerate that includes NGOs, firms, newspapers and college dormitories in Turkey, plus schools across the world."


Bush at Offutt base.

Anonymous writes:

"What I do know from personal experience.

"Pat Nolan, a 'counselor' was the adult in charge of the ham radio club, operating under call sign WA0OGI.

"It was used to groom and spot targets.

"When I told a priest what was going on I was chased out of the confessional called a lying little bastard and threatened with physical harm.

"There was a direct teletype link to Offutt."

Michael Aquino, alleged child sex abuse and the United States military


Anonymous said...

"Australian Jewish leader and activist Mark Leibler claims to “have developed a deeper understanding of the connections between Indigenous and Jewish people and the underlying affinity we share. … We must listen to and respect the hard stories. Stories that are repeated all over Australia – stories of injustice, oppression and horror. Defiant stories of the proud survival of identifiable people. Stories resonating with familiar themes for each and every Jew.”[iii] Speaking on behalf of Australian Jews, Leibler claims that: “We’ve suffered 2,000 years of persecution and we understand what it is to be the underdog and to suffer from disadvantage.”
From pt 5 of 5 parts The War on White the Occidental Observer.

I send you this quote because I discovered thanks to Aangirfan, just how determined and wholesale in Oz, is the double blanketing of atrocities against children.

I knew this from my own experiences, but Aangirfan yesterday referred to Australia Truth News Radio, and there I learned of others like myself: silenced by the authorities.

So let us hear it Loud and Strong for those who speak against the crimes and atrocities against children, and those cops and childrens' 'services'/ judiciary that would silence us.

The state 'carers' are showing themselves to be a million times more heinous and invidious than the priests and nuns et al who dedicated their lives to God.

As ever
Thank you Aangirfan.

Anonymous said...

Aangirfan: Just been reading the latest on Breivik.
My intuiton informs me that Breivik is a child of 'the establishment.'

With his father an Ambassador/Mason/London, and with his connections, it matters not whether he is sane or insane.
He is one of 'their own':


Since Norway is a relatively small country with a surplus of oil and money for its population and contingencies, it can afford 'model' prison/psychiatric facilities for Breivik and his human rights, whatever the verdict.

Either way: Nice.
Norway preserves its sqeaky clean 'human rights' image, while the rest of the world foments in seething, frothing rage, just as the J .O. O and their 'strategic partners' planned, laffing all the way to the Banks of their own false fabrications.

Anonymous said...

Profile of
'misogynistic nut jobs'
on the same day that Forbes (who ever THAT is, RANKS Merkel as the most powerful woman in the world, with Hill-billy Clinton second.

Quote from a Yahoo common tater: "the S:T:R:A:P O:N Ladies. Powered by J:O:O"

Anonymous said...

Jez how duz Obummer manage to look 'intimate' with every person we see, in his photo opportunities?

He sure 'looks' cool and, dare I say it, 'chic'!

Abu-Suleyman said...

very good research, what about Abdullah Gul, the 'president' and his intesive links with the US dept and the CIA

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