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The tourists have fled from North Africa, thanks to NATO.

The travel industry is extremely important to the USA and UK.

Travel and Tourism Contributes Nearly USD2 Trillion To America GDP

New research, by Oxford Economics, shows that the travel and tourism industry's total contribution to GDP in the Americas was US$1.9 trillion in 2011.

This is 8.6 percent of total GDP.

This compares to 6 percent for 'automotive and mining' and 7 percent for 'chemicals'.

The Pennsylvania Railroad's Harsimus Stem Embankment which people are now trying to save as a linear park looked mercilessly bleak in 1951. Looking west at 6th Street. Jersey City.
Pennsylvania by wavz13

The travel and tourism industry has 15 million direct employees in the Americas.

This compares with 10 million in financial services, 2.5 million in mining, 2.5 million in chemicals manufacturing, and 4 million in vehicle manufacturing.

France gets more tourists than the USA

In the UK, travel rivals financial services in importance, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council C

New research from the World Travel & Tourism Council shows that the UK travel and tourism industry:

1. Is nearly five times the size of the vehicle manufacturing industry.

2. Provides almost as many jobs as the financial sector.

3. Contributes around £101 billion per year, or 6.7% of total GDP.

This compares to 2.3% for vehicle manufacturing, 1.9% for mining and 4.1% for chemicals.

Travel and tourism’s contribution to GDP is growing faster than most other sectors in the UK.

Tathiana Pagung, musa do Carnaval carioca. A goddess of Rio de Janeiro Carnival.
Brazil by AndrĂ© Pinnola

However, the tourism industry is being hit by:

1. High taxes including Air Passenger Duty.

2. Lack of investment in roads, railways...

3. Scares about terrorism.

Perverted fascists in the USA?

International tourist arrivals
 France 76.80 million
 United States 60.88 million
 China 55.67 million
 Spain 52.68 million
 Italy 43.63 million
 United Kingdom 28.13 million
 Turkey 27.00 million
 Germany 26.88 million
 Malaysia 24.58 million
10  Mexico 22.40 million

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