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1948 - 2012

In 1948 the Olympic Games were held in London.

To produce an athletics venue, cinder was spread onto the greyhound track at Wembley.

Athletes were housed in military barracks, school dormitories and private houses.

A game of déjà vu? | Money Observer


In 1948 Truman did not lose to Dewey.

In 1948, Britain needed help from the USA in the form of 'Marshall Aid'.

The 2012 Olympics in London will be sponsored by Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Visa and Procter & Gamble.

In 1948 the Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon was in Atlanta, Georgia.

Britain, in 1948, had rationing.

People had to queue for hours for bread or a small quantity of meat.

"People were poorly dressed, trains were dirty and overcrowded, houses run-down and dilapidated."

A game of déjà vu? | Money Observer

In 1948, 804,767 Palestinian men, women, and children were forced to flee their homes.

In 1952, UK debt was 140% of GDP.

By 1957, Britain was recovering and prime minister Harold Macmillan claimed that ‘most of our people have never had it so good’.

People were buying amazing things called washing machines, refrigerators and television sets.

In 1972, members of the Israeli Olympic team were taken hostage by the Palestinian group Black September.

1972 olympics

The 2012 Olympics will cost £11 billion.

In 2012, YouTube will provide live coverage of the Olympic games to 64 countries in Asia and Africa.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Aang
Your offering today has touched me in so many ways.
I was born in Holland in 1948 and have literally grown up with these events.
My parents survived the Great Depression and WWll. I grew up with their stories and neuroses.
All my life, my mother would scream at me: must understand!!!
So I would cringe, and go away and learn, reflect, read, cry....
She is 83 now, and still screaming
but no one listens to her any more....
As an adolescent, we grew up with stories of people who went to live on kibbutz, Golda Meir, Moshe Dayan etc.
the Brainwashing
In the seventies I lived in UK/Germany, where my second son was born. To say that the Brits were impoverished is an understatement, while we Aussies were on generous allowances.
Returning to Australia, the Qantas flight captain advised us, as we boarded our plane, that Gough Whitlam had been sacked.
The Oz to which we came home was vastly transformed from the Oz we left in Nov 1973.

How horrified we all were, on the news from the Munich Olympics

My daughter emigrated to London as soon as she graduated university, and 9 months later was 20 minutes behind the train that was bombed. Traumatized, she nevertheless chose to stay.

One thing I would like to ask you, and that is about the Capstone Doctrine of the UN peacekeeping doctrine,
and the Capstone that is in the Hall of Denver International Airport
1)nothing happens by accident
2)everything is related
3) nothing is as it seems
These are valuable Life Lessons we learn as long as we 'fear God'
but in our secular world, God is dead, and the Illuminati believe themselves to be The One.

Could you please link those two examples with anything further you might know about?

I have all my life been different to most others, but still, was brainwashed to a degree. Undoing that brainwashing has been painful and lonely in the extreme.

Most people over the decades have been fairly dismissive of UN as a toothless tiger, but I have a copy of their Guidelines, and now wonder about the First organ in their hierarchy, the Capstone 1000 series. What does that mean exactly?

Without knowing precisely what this is, my intuition senses this to fit with the Illuminati Plan to Occupy the whole world.

I have been a life long Christian, and believe that the Illuminati have wilfully mis-interpreted the scriptures in the belief that they are God's chosen people.
They are not. They are the anti-Christ as long as they are angry, deceptive/murderous.
Christ is the Energy of Healing and Love and Mercy
God is All of Creation

Another item I would love you to write about here is Tesla. I read that he was bumped off by the CIA /Bush regime, and his documents withheld from the world, because Tesla offered Free Energy for all, and JP Morgan wanted to put a money metre on it.

You more than anyone, seem to be able to separate conspiracy theory from facts.
Thank you again

Anon said...

Many thanks for all the comments. Much appreciated.

- Aangirfan

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