Wednesday, February 22, 2012


We were in Tunisia just before the CIA's revolution.

Tunisia WAS relatively prosperous and liberal.

Ben Ali was more popular than Sarkozy.

Tunisia is now run by the CIA's 'pedophile' Islamists, and Tunisia is now poor and fascist.

A Tunisian said to journalist Robert Fisk (Poisoned spring: revolution brings Tunisia more fear than freedom ...):

"Do you know that of all the books now published in Tunisia, 92 % are Islamist?"

Recently, a Tunisian newspaper published a photograph of a German footballer of Tunisian origin holding his 'half-naked' German wife in his arms.

As a result, the newspaper's managing editor, editor-in-chief, and a journalist were arrested.

The newspaper disappeared from the news-stands.

Tunisia now has sky high unemployment and many international companies have fled.

Tunisia: CIA-Mossad base

The Wahhabi Salafists were invented by the British, at the time of the Ottoman Empire, as a way of undermining and controlling Moslem countries.

At the end of 2011, the Tunisian town of Sejnane was taken over by Salafists.

Government buildings were turned into torture prisons for people who were not strict enough Islamists.

The owner of a shop selling CDs was told that "if you try once more to distract Muslims from the mosque, it will be your home and all those in it who will burn".

"Women began to wear the niqab, men to grow beards and wear Afghan-style clothes."

In one part of Tunisia, sword carrying Salafists invaded a university in order to support the idea that women should wear full head covering and that women should be seated separately from men.

The Salafists were supported by two sons of the Tunisian Interior Minister.

(Poisoned spring: revolution brings Tunisia more fear than freedom ...)

Tunisia is now a base for CIA-Mossad operations.

This week, there will be a meeting in Tunisia of all the Western and Arab nations determined to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad. ( international Syria meeting)

Syria could soon be like Tunisia.


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Mass murder in Maiduguri

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Bad child abuse in TEXAS, possibly brainwashing too:

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