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Website for this image -British soldiers sit on a captured gun outside of Port Said, Egypt in 1956.

Things are stirring in the part of Egypt called the Sinai, next to the Suez canal.

There has been news of a deadly soccer riot, the kidnapping of Americans, the shooting of a French tourist, the kidnapping of Chinese workers and attacks on gas pipelines.

(French tourist killed in shooting in Sharm el-Sheikh Egypt /Abducted female tourists in Egypt / group of 25 Chinese workers was kidnapped /Blast hits Egypt's gas pipeline to Israel )

The flow of arms into the Sinai from Libya "is turning into a flood."

"Terrorist organizations are taking over Sinai and Egyptian authorities appear helpless." (Egypt and the US friendship?)

British Boys' School Expedition to the Step Pyramids, Cairo - 1957?
By alexandria42

Back in 1956, French prime minister Guy Mollet, UK prime minister Anthony Eden and Israeli leader David Ben-Gurion met in secret and agreed to make a joint attack on Egypt.

(Israel would like the Sinai to be part of a Greater Israel)

On 29th October 1956, the Israeli Army invaded Egypt.

Two days later the British and French bombed Egyptian airfields. British and French troops landed at Port Said at the northern end of the Suez Canal on 5th November.

"By this time the Israelis had captured the Sinai peninsula." (Suez Crisis)

1956 invasion

On 3 February 2012, we learn of the Americans kidnapped in the Sinai. (Washington Post (blog))

Bedouin gunmen attacked and robbed a tourist minivan in St Catherine, in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula.

The minivan contained Americans and other nationalities.

Two American women were driven off into the mountains and held captive for around six hours.

A few days earlier, 25 Chinese factory workers were kidnapped from a bus in Sinai.

Around the same time, a soccer riot in the Sinai left about 70 people dead.



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Egypt is a sad story of a real revolution co-opted. Mubarak bought into the neocon economic nightmare in 2004 when he appointed Ahmed Nazif Prime Minister. The PM, who served through 2011, began selling off state enterprises and allowing foreign firms to import foreign workers for their enterprises (Indonesia). Nazif continued the attack on real unions outside of government control. Labor actions in 2006 and 2008 were strong efforts for decent wages. These unionists formed the backbone for the demands that Mubarak leave and demanded the formation of a new government.

The unionists were betrayed on a grand scale when the US and European nations shoved the Muslim Brotherhood into the mix and allowed the massively corrupt military to take over.

The Arab Spring was a fraud (a figment of Al Jazeerah's imagination). Egypt is ripe for the picking, and, who knows, maybe we'll be seeing Qatari troops on the ground soon.

The people are the continual losers all over the world while the Kleptocracy prevails.

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well, there goes the neighborhood.
Great photos, as always, anon!

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