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Martin and Sharon Butler began looking after Justin Bieber, when Justin was five years old.

Martin and Sharon Butler were born in Britain but moved to Stratford in Ontario in Canada, home of Justin Bieber.

(Dr Joseph Mengele is reputed by survivors of his experiments to have worked at Bayer laboratories in Ontario.)

Justin's mother, Pattie Mallette, became pregnant with Justin when she was 17.

"The Butlers stepped in ... to provide what they describe as 'additional parenting' when Pattie found herself unable to cope." (We brought Justin Bieber up) e

Martin Butler is a 43-year-old IBM software specialist who emigrated to Canada from Walsall in the West Midlands in the UK.

Ryan Butler (right)

Ryan Butler, Justin's childhood friend, wants to be a film director.

In 2008, Justin's mother gave a talk on a local radio station in which she said she was sexually abused when she was five.

She said: "My sister was killed by a car when she was five.

"When I became a teenager, I started exploring drugs and alcohol. I was pretty much high or drunk from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed."

Justin's parents

Justin's father Jeremy had a record of heavy drinking and fighting.

Pattie separated from him when Justin was 13 months old.

Martin Butler says: "When Justin came to our house, he learned our old-fashioned British rules and principles, like respect for people..."

The US Department of Homeland Security set up a website firm called Precious Treasure Holiday Co.

This promised to arrange illegal encounters in Ontario for pedophiles.

The website portrayed Ontario as a haven for child-sex tourism.

The website, built by US agents, claimed that Canada was safe for pedophiles.

The website was outed by The Smoking Gun as a government operation.

U.S. agents pedophile ploy - CBC.

Born in London in Ontario.

Eyes for Lies Blog has a post entitled:

Mariah Yeater Accuses Justin Bieber of Fathering Child

At Eyes for Lies Blog

"Here is a good video of Mariah Yeater who is accusing Justin Bieber of having sexual intercourse with her that resulted in the birth of her 4-month old son, Trystan.

"I do not believe Mariah."


majestika said...

Courtesy of popbitch...

>> Bieber the diva <<
Justin's strange soundcheck

Could it really be true that Canada's
cuddliest lesbian look-a-like, Justin
Bieber, is actually a spiky little brat?
During one of the breaks between songs
at the filming of a recent ITV special,
a sound engineer asked Biebs if he could
soundcheck his mic. The reply came back,
"No, you can't. This is my stage,
I tell YOU what the fuck happens on it."

Turned out that the mic was working fine
after all as his little outburst was
broadcast to the studio audience.

FYI: He was also heard telling ITV security,
"I know what my fucking name is, OK? Tell
them if they don't stop chanting it you'll
throw them out of the fucking studio."

FYI 2: Spotted outside the studio: 30-40
female fans clinging to the security fence
singing Baby at what appeared to be a
completely empty car.

Jusitn Bieber said...

New Justin Bieber's album:

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