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Ronan Parke (Ronan Parke Fan Site)

Ronan Parke has made an LP. (

The album:

Feeling Good Nina Simone
Forget You Cee Lo Green
A Thousand Miles Vanessa Carlton
Fix You Coldplay
Because Of You Kelly Clarkson
You Gotta Be Des’ree
Make You Feel My Love Bob Dylan
Song Bird Eva Cassidy
We'll Rock The World Original track
Stronger Than I Am Gary Barlow original
Edge of Glory (acoustic) Lady Gaga
Firework (acoustic) Katy Perry

In Florida - Ronan Parke Fan Site

Ronan Parke has been in Florida.

Ronan Parke - Three Musketeers Premiere (04.10.2011, London) - 13

Ronan Parke - Three Musketeers Premiere (04.10.2011, London) - 12
He's been busy meeting his fans.

Ronan Parke's album Ronan Parke spent 2 weeks in the UK Albums Top 75.

It entered the chart at position 22.

Last year's Britain's Got Talent winner dumped by record label.

Ronan Parke and his friend Julia.

13-year old Ronan Parke is Britain's Justin Bieber.

Ronan was brought up in a village in Norfolk, in the UK.

His Dad is a builder and his Mum's a nurse.

Britain's Justin Bieber.

Some months ago, Ronan appeared in Britain’s Got Talent.

His outstanding voice, 'angelic looks' and huge charisma made him the bookies' favourite.

An anonymous blogger produced a post suggesting that Britain's Got Talent was rigged.

Ronan came second in the contest, presumably saving the bookies some money.

Ronan is quoted in the Daily Mail as saying:

"Mum didn't want me to see the internet blogger thing, but I did anyway.

"It was all just lies.

"I was upset that people could say things like that.

"Simon called my mum up and said he was really sorry about it and very angry.

"He is such a lovely man.

"My parents said, 'We know the truth. You just need to concentrate on your performance.'

"When I was on the stage in the final I closed my eyes and forgot about all of it.

"Then when I finished and looked at Simon he gave me a little wink.

"I thought, 'Oh,' and wanted to smile."

Ronan prefers 'fashion' and 'music' to sport.

Ronan says: "Some kids would call me 'gay' when I'd walk past them.

"Some of the other boys just care about sport. I’m not like that.

"Instead I like to plan with my best friend Julia what our flat will be like when we're older.

"But everyone on TV gets things like that and I accept it."

"Girls do come up to me crying and shaking and say, 'I love you so much.'

"One day Julia and I were walking home when two girls saw us and just stood there, screaming.

"Julia was so shocked. To her I’m just Ronan, her best friend.

"My mum says you should always be who you are.

"If you try to change, you’ll only be unhappy. I'm me."

And the kids at school? "The ones who used to shout things at me smile at me now.

"I just smile back."

Ronan Parke’s album is out on 24 October on Sony Music.

Like Ronan Parke, Ruby Murray first appeared on UK TV at the age of 12.

Ruby Murray had been been spotted by producer Richard Afton.

"Owing to laws governing children performing, Murray had to delay her start in the entertainment industry until she was 14." (Ruby Murray - Wikipedia)

In 1955 Ruby Murray had seven 'Top 10 UK hit singles.'

Michael Junior (Michael Veschuere) was born in Bruges, Belgium in 1986.

His career began in March, 1998, when he sang Panis Angelicus with Helmut Lotti at the Casino of Oostende in Belgium.

Michael seemed to disappear (


nobody said...

God spare me. A 13 year old boy is doing a cover of Feeling Good. After Nina Simone did it they've should've just declared it off limits.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

It is one of my most favourite songs too, nobody.

I was actually surprised to hear how well this kid did it.

You want BAD, listen to Michael Buble do it.

I dare you to keep your lunch....

Anonymous said...

Ronan Parke's fate is sealed, unfortunately.


Anonymous said...

Its a Jews, Jews, Jews world...


aferrismoon said...

A bit more blatant but wholly acceptable degradation of children

Jon Benet Ramsay mentioned on this one but no mention of her death, or the fact that she was allegedly checked by a doctor and found to have medical signs that pointed to her being involved in sex-acts.

"Asked if routines like Eden’s were too sexy for 6-year-olds, Bensimon defended the pageants.

“People are egging you on, your natural instinct is to go more,” she said.

“When you’re out there [onstage] by yourself, your instinct is not be reserved and tone it down, it’s to amp it up!”

But Bensimon says there’s nothing wrong with hamming it up.

“It’s the fact that they’re excited about what they’re doing, and therefore amping it up,” she said."

Is it too sexy? - Bensimon's answer describes it as 'hamming it up'.

Of course the defence is shock that someone could imagine pedophilia when those gals is jus' havin' a good time expressing their inner creativity .....and its fun [ to imitate sexually mature women]


Anon said...

Ronan Parke has a good voice and lots of charisma and he seems to be a genuinely nice bloke.

I hope his Mum and Dad protect him from the more dodgy members of the music business.

Who is Nina Simone?

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

I have never heard this boy sing, not interested. Come back in 10-20 years he might be worth listening to. I grew up to Bing, Frank, Perry, Dean, Sammers, King Cole, Torme, Darren, Frankie V, Dickie V, Mike Holiday, Ifield, Newley. REAL singers, REAL performers, REAL songs.

s4sharing said...

enjoy :)

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