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Revolutions and wars can bring about a transfer of wealth and power from one 'clan' to another.

The takeover of Russia by Lenin and Trotsky led to a transfer of wealth and power to certain 'Jewish' folks within Russia.

But, Stalin, who was reportedly 'Jewish', saw certain 'Jews', such as Trotsky, as his enemies.

Hitler, who may have been partly 'Jewish', was clearly anti-semitic, but was reportedly backed by certain 'Jews'.

The booklet Hitler's Secret Backers, by "Sidney Warburg" claims that certain 'Jewish' bankers helped put Hitler into power. ("Sidney Warburg")

"Warburg, a joint owner of the New York bank Kuhn Loeb and Cie described in the book three conversations he held with Hitler at the request of American financiers, the Bank of England and oil firms to facilitate payments to the Nazi party." (Hitler's Secret Backers, by Sidney Warburg, at American Buddha ...)

Christian Rakovsky, interrogated by Stalin's agents in 1938, reportedly stated that Jewish bankers, having established communism, had found it stolen from them by Stalin

So, reportedly, certain 'Jewish' bankers hoped to use Hitler against Stalin.

And eventually use Stalin against Hitler.

Freemason Hjalmar Schacht, who worked for Hitler.

In 1934, the American Ambassador in Berlin William Dodd wrote (Hitler's Secret Backers. /mhp: "Sidney Warburg"):

"Schacht is the real master here, and government officials don't dare order him to do anything...

"One evening my wife visited Baron Eberhard von Oppenheim, who lives splendidly and quietly near us. Many German Nazis were present. It is said that Oppenheim gave the Nazi party 200,000 marks...

"Lazaron (an American rabbi) is here to gain information about possibilities for the Warburgs...

"I visited Eric Phipps and repeated confidentially a report that Armstrong Vickers, the huge British armaments concern, had negotiated the sale of war materials here last week ...

"I understood representatives of Curtiss-Wright, from the U.S. were here to negotiate similar sales...

"Poor Lazaron was very upset because so many rich Jews have capitulated to the Nazi leadership and are influential financial aides to Dr. Schaft, who finds their support in the present situation very important."

Rakovsky with Trotsky.

nobody drew our attention to the Rothschilds and the "Red Symphony"

In 1938 the Soviet secret police interrogated Christian Rakovsky, born Chaim Rakeover, a communist accused of plotting to overthrow Stalin.

The 50-page transcript of his interrogation is called "The Red Symphony."

A Spanish Fascist volunteer later found the manuscript of "The Red Symphony" on a dead body in a hut on the Petrograd front during World War Two.

Could it be fascist propaganda?

Reportedly it confirms the plan by certain bankers:

1. To use Communism to establish a world dictatorship of the super rich.

2. To use Hitler to destroy Stalin, who was not following the banker's plans.

Rakovsky supported Trotsky, Stalin's rival.

Allegedly, the Trotskyites worked for the Rothschilds.

Nathan Rothschild

According to Rakovsky's 'confession':

Russian communism pretended to be about helping humanity.

But this communism was really about giving total world power to 'the bankers' - the Masonic secret society of the Illuminati.

This communism would be used to overturn Western civilization including the Christian religion.

Nathaniel Rothschild (1840-1915) needed to overthrow the Christian Romanoff Dynasty.

Through his agents Jacob Schiff and the Warburg brothers, he financed the Japanese side in the Russo Japanese War.

Then he helped start the First World War (Trotsky was behind the murder of Archduke Ferdinand).

He financed the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution.

Rakovsky says he was personally involved in the transfer of funds in Stockholm.

The Jewish labour movement infiltrated all the socialist parties in Russia and provided the leadership for the Russian Revolution. Alexander Kerensky was a secret member.


Leon Trotsky was supposed to become the leader of the USSR.

Trotsky, a Jew, married the daughter of one of Rothschild's closest associates, banker Abram Zhivotovsky and became part of the "clan."

Lenin overruled Trotsky and made peace with Germany (Treaty of Brest Litovsk, 1918.) This was not the Rothschild's plan.

Russia was supposed to overrun Germany in 1918 and assist local "revolutionaries" in establishing a "peoples' republic."

The 1929 Crash and Great Depression was an "American revolution" designed to break the "classical American" and to take political power.

Rakowsky sees Stalin as a "Bonapartist," a nationalist as opposed to an International Communist like Trotsky.

In order to control Stalin, international finance was forced to build up Hitler and the Nazi party.

Rakowsky confirms that Jewish financiers backed the Nazis although Hitler was not aware of this.

"The ambassador Warburg presented himself under a false name and Hitler did not even guess his race... he also lied regarding whose representative he was... Our aim was to provoke a war and Hitler was war...[the Nazis] received...millions of dollars sent to it from Wall Street, and millions of marks from German financiers through Schacht; [providing] the upkeep of the S.A and the S.S. and also the financing of the elections..."

Unfortunately for the bankers, Hitler started to print his own money.

"He took over for himself the privilege of manufacturing money and not only physical moneys, but also financial ones; he took over the untouched machinery of falsification and put it to work for the benefit of the state... Are you capable of imagining what would have come ...if it had infected a number of other states and brought about the creation of a period of autarchy [absolute rule, replacing that of the bankers]. If you can, then imagine its counterrevolutionary functions..."

Hitler now became the enemy of the bankers.

Rakovsky and his backers persuaded Stalin to make his 1939 pact with Hitler.

The Ribbentrop-Molotov pact seems to have been a temporary accord between Stalin and the Illuminati.

Rakovsky proposed that Stalin stop executing Trotskyites.

The Illuminati plan was for the 1939 pact to be temporary.

Hitler and Stalin were to be turned against each other.

Rakovsky outlined the Illuminati plan to blend Communism and Capitalism, with the Illuminati ending up controlling all wealth and power.

"In Moscow there is Communism: in New York capitalism. It is all the same as thesis and antithesis. Analyze both. Moscow is subjective Communism but [objectively] State capitalism. New York: Capitalism subjective, but Communism objective. A personal synthesis, truth: the Financial International, the Capitalist Communist one."



Anonymous said...

peter chamberlin said...

These Nazi/banker/Communism revelations are nothing new (see the work of Dr. Antony C. Sutton), but they are nearly forgotten, since the former "conservative movement" abandoned their anti-Imperial educational efforts in a huge compromise of their beliefs, when they chose money over country and sided with the Rockefeller Republicans. This was the unholy alliance which gave us both Bushes. (SEE: ). Before the Reagan Revolution, and during its initial stages, those patriotic Americans who called themselves "conservative" went all-out, to expose the nefarious bankers and their bankrolling of every "enemy" we have faced since the early Twentieth Century (SEE: THE BEST ENEMY MONEY CAN BUY, A.Sutton), but they abandoned the path of truth to follow the money and power promised in the Imperial plans for world conquest, which are now unfolding.

peter chamberlin said...
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rgb said...

What a great site! You should compile all your articles into a book. I would buy it.

Anon said...

Dear rgb,

Many thanks.

Unfortunately, publishers don't like the stuff we write.

- Aangirfan

CS said...

This article reads as though from the archives of Henry Makow.

A corpse fortuitously encumbered by a manuscript revealing the darkest secrets. References to the Illuminati!

But what evidence is there that the Illuminati conspiracy persists. The only people Henry Makow will finger are those like Queen Elizabeth II or Prince William who, conveniently, can be relied upon not to answer back or sue for libel.

But no reference to the Bush family who we know as a historical fact were involved in financing the Nazis, supplying the SS with small arms and managing the Auschwitz operation, until the assets of the Union Bank Corporation were appropriated by the US Government under the Trading With the Enemy Act.

I regret that in this case, I must seriously question your scholarship.

who+dares+wings said...

Guido Preparata's CONJURING HITLER is a more recent recycling of the Sutton material plus a panoply of additional sources of information relevant to the financing of the National Socialists. These sources include Eustice Mullins, David Irving and Thorstein Veblen among others, authors not usually included in academic bibliographies. The "Hitler was a Jew" meme is Jewish propaganda and has been thoroughly debunked in post war German language history texts and by Carolyn Yeager on her VOR and RBN revisionist history radio shows. Hitler was not a picklesnoot. Pass it on.

CONJURING HITLER How Britain and America made the Third Reich:

Anonymous said...

What u'd expect?


The Realist Report said...

Good stuff Aangirfan! If anyone hasn't seen Jim Condit's "The Final Solution to Adolf Hitler," you can do so here:

Anonymous said...

Trotsky was a German national and double agent,did not speak English, He was detained in Halifax with $10,000. cash, a US passport courtesy of President Wilson on his way to start a `revolution``
He was released by Canadians after intervention from the highest levels of England and USA state dept. If Canada had not released him,wwI would have ended 1 yr sooner

Juri Lina`s book is excellent:

who+dares+wings said...

The Warburg book is a proven fake. Jim Condit Jr.'s video The Final Solution of Adolph Hitler (and Jim Condit Jr. himself) was destroyed in a broadcast at the Christogenea,org Mein Kampf Project website. William Finck and Carolyn Yeager pointed out to him that every source he'd cited throughout his video was a Jewish one. Curt Deitrich followed their critique up with even more Condit bashing. Listen and decide for yourself who knows more about Hitler and the banksters:

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