Sunday, June 12, 2011


Ximonic, Simo Räsänen

Here we are in St Moritz for Bilderberg.

We have a nice suite at the Suvretta House hotel.

After breakfast on the terrace, we head for the Salon Venise for a session on flower arranging, led by General Keith Alexander.

Morning coffee in the foyer is followed by a most interesting talk on child welfare in Belgium by Viscount Etienne Davignon.

Before lunch, Dim Sum, China's Vice Minister of Dum Pling, discusses the attempt to bring about 'War between China and India'.

Following lunch in the Grand Restaurant, there is a talk by Sir John Kerr and Mr Rory Stewart on the valuable oil wealth in Saudi Arabia.

The evening session involves a game of charades, organised by Mr Henry Kissinger.

part 2
part 3
part 4

Wikipedia 'editors' censor Bilderberg's Nazi roots.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"BREAKING NEWS! Thousands of Syrians flee to Turkey as Syrian troops lay siege to Jisr ash-Shugur."

Anonymous said...

Davignon gave a speech on child welfare? Wasn't this guy alledged to be involved in the Dutroux affair or something?

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josh said...

There are too many sheeple that won't question their tv's. The collective is too entranced with the NBA and Stanley Cup, coupled with their Jerry Bruckheimer movies. I will also be posting my Bilderberg piece this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Bilderberg meeting
Switzerland is well entrenched in the zionist matrix of the western countries. Lately we are even refusing to refuel Iranair in Geneva upon pressue of UncleSam/AIPAC!! (neutral, what??)
The banks UBS/CS were allowed to make lucrative business in USA for some time, but finally ended up with tons of worthless US-papers and the SwissNationalBank (taxpayers) had to bail them out with 60 billion CHF.. Understand the intl BIS bank in Basle is basically a zionist instrument and the goyim Swiss have very little to say.
I have the impression, Tony (in the video) is trying to blame the global finanical manipulations onto the Bilderbergers in order to exonerate the zionists. He is also blaming high oil prices to speculations only, avoiding the theory of PeakOil. Is Tony a zionists agent???

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