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Ronan Parke (Update: RONAN EMPIRE)

There have been internet rumours about a boy called Ronan Parke, a music mogul called Simon Cowell and the 'fixing' of a UK TV programme.

On 3 June 2011, Ronan Parke said: 'I've never met Simon in my life.

"I'd love to, but I never have.

'I've been coached by the same teacher in Norwich that we've paid for.

"No one's paid for my clothes or anything.

'It's really silly that people think that.

"They're just jealous that people are having a good time.

'I think it's great that Simon Cowell has put in the effort to get the police involved and everything and I'm happy they've said it's not true because it's definitely not.'

(Britain's Got Talent bosses slam Ronan Parke fix rumours BGT fix denial)

An anonymous document on the internet claimed that the UK TV show Britain's Got Talent is rigged.

"Lawyers for ... entertainment company Syco discovered the document originated in Germany and was spread via Twitter accounts in the UK." (BGT IN FIX CLAIM‎ )

Michael Deacon in The Telegraph writes:

"Ever noticed how, every single week during any TV series made by Simon Cowell, a fresh 'scandal' about it 'erupts'?

"... I know we all love a conspiracy theory.

"But really, the only person to benefit from this latest one, in a way, is Simon Cowell.

"Because the more eagerly people swallow these supposed "scandals" about his programmes, the more the viewing figures shoot up."

Yawn - it's another supposed Simon Cowell scandal

Ronan was not groomed, according to his Mum.

Was the story about Ronan Parke a hoax?

(The devastating indictment from a 'Sony Music executive')

It would seem so.

On 2 June 2011, Simon Cowell's company denied allegations that it had groomed Ronan Parke, the finalist in Britain's Got Talent.

Cowell's company threatened legal action against anyone who repeated the allegations.

(Simon Cowell firm denies Ronan Parke 'fix' on Britain's Got Talent)

An anonymous blogger, claiming to be a Sony Music executive, alleged that:

1. Ronan Parke has been known to Cowell's firm, Syco, for two years.

2. Ronan already has a management deal.

3. Ronan has been trained to appeal to the audience.

Ronan's Mum Maggie said "I am really angry. Ronan has worked so hard to get where he is."

Syco consulted the police about the blogger. (Simon Cowell calls cops over Ronan Parke fix claims)

Cowell's company and Sony Music said they would take legal action to "prevent further publication of these unfounded allegations".

Sony said in a statement:

"There has been speculation on the internet that Britain's Got Talent finalist Ronan Parke was known to and worked with Syco/Sony Music before entering the show. There is no truth in this story whatsoever.

"Ronan first came to Syco/Sony's attention when he entered this year's competition. Syco/Sony Music will not hesitate to take whatever legal action is appropriate to prevent further publication of these unfounded allegations."

Cowell and claims of a BGT fix: Shock internet 'revelations' that talent show's rigged so Ronan, 12, wins

Ronan Parke's mother Maggie says the 'grooming' story is untrue. (BBC News - Britain's Got Talent: Ronan Parke 'stardom' claim denied)

Maggie Parke said: "It's laughable, to be perfectly honest with you, and it couldn't be further from the truth.

"There's just no foundation in it whatsoever.

"My friend Susan Gunn told me that she'd seen it on the internet and we just had a laugh about it and didn't think any more about it because it's so untrue."

She said Ronan had applied to the show without her knowledge.

"It was just something he really wanted to do.

"He felt it was the right time for him to apply and the first we heard about it was when we got a phone call from Britain's Got Talent saying he had an audition," she said.

(BBC News - Britain's Got Talent: Ronan Parke 'stardom' claim denied)

(The Daily Mail has previously commented on Simon Cowell's programme.

Simon Cowell (Osbourne sacked from X-Factor for calling Cowell gay -

The anonymous blogger alleged that:

1. 12-year-old Ronan will 'definitely' win the talent contest on 4 June 2011. (Britain's Got Talent bosses slam Ronan Parke fix rumours

2. Ronan has been 'groomed' by Cowell since 2009. (Britain's Got Talent bosses slam Ronan Parke fix rumours

3. Ronan was spotted two years ago, aged ten, when he sung for Norwich City goalkeeper Bryan Gunn at a party. (Britain's Got Talent bosses slam Ronan Parke fix rumours

4. Ronan was seen by top executives as being Britain's answer to Justin Bieber. (Britain's Got Talent bosses slam Ronan Parke fix rumours

5. Ronan was 'invited' to auditions with Simon.

There was "a two-year grooming and manipulation process to prepare Ronan for stardom." (Britain's Got Talent bosses slam Ronan Parke fix rumours

6. Louis Walsh's comments - 'Ronan Parke. Remember that name. This kid's gonna be a star!' - were scripted. (Britain's Got Talent bosses slam Ronan Parke fix rumours

7. His image was made to be 'camp'. (Britain's Got Talent bosses slam Ronan Parke fix rumours


8. Ronan's parents did not know about the 'manipulation'. (Britain's Got Talent bosses slam Ronan Parke fix rumours


In the 'Britain's Got Talent' TV programme, on 4 June 2011, the favourite, Ronan Parke, ended up in second place.

So, the bookies are happy?

Was the voting rigged?

Bookmaker Ladbrokes Odds on the Outright Winner were:

Ronan Parke - 4/5

Jai McDowall - 14/1

Jai won the contest.

"Police have abandoned plans to launch an investigation into an online blog that claimed Britain's Got Talent was fixed, amid speculation it was a publicity stunt to boost ratings...

"Martin Troy, the owner of the JustPaste.It website where the article appeared, said he had had no contact from either British or German police over the matter.

"Mr Troy also confirmed that the blog had been posted by somebody in the UK using a connection to the internet from a cable TV provider." (Ronan Parke 'fix' inquiry is dropped by police as it may have been cooked up ... )

Ronan Parke went into the final as favourite to win the competition and the show's £100,000 prize.

"However, he ended up in second place after Scottish singer Jai McDowall, 24, was the shock winner - with just 2.5 per cent more votes than the schoolboy." (Ronan Parke 'fix' inquiry is dropped by police as it may have been cooked up ...)

1. In the USA, the Oprah Winfrey TV show had a poll which many believed was rigged.

Viewers could vote for Zach Anner or Doctor Phyllis, among others.

Anner was clearly in the lead.

But in the span of an hour Doctor Phyllis suddenly took the lead.

The Huffington Post reported an increase of 300,000 votes in 20 minutes.

Reddit reported 600,000 in an hour.

Reportedly 'the source code' for the Phyllis' Vote button differed from that of all the other contestants.

Zach Anner Scandal - Oprah Poll Rigged? Geekosystem

2. In the UK, an online poll was rigged on the TV programme 'Blue Peter'.

Son of Blue Peter boss sacked after vote-rigging scandal found hanged

3. In 2008, a Spanish documentary alleged that the 1968 Eurovision Song Contest was rigged.

Allegedly, Spanish officials offered bribes to various people.

Allegations of vote rigging


"Sources inside the American Idol empire have confirmed – the show is rigged!

"American Idol fans have long suspected something was amiss ever since Ruben Studdard lost, and now, with Pia Toscano being tossed off this year’s show, the cat is out of the bag...

"WWN spoke to insiders at Diebold – the company that provides some of the hardware for the vote counting...

"The executives of the record labels ... run the show behind the scenes, and contracted with Diebold to tabulate the votes as they saw fit.

"Also, AT&T, one of the biggest corporate sponsors of American Idol, repeatedly influences the outcome of the competition by providing free text-messaging services and allowing blocks of votes at parties organized by fans of certain contestants...

"The history of American Idol is littered with voting irregularities.

"An independent audit was done of actual phone logs the nights of the shows.

"In season three, Latoya London had gotten the most calls each week, but Diebold machines declared her a loser in one of the late elimination rounds.

"Based on phone logs however, there is no way that Pia Toscana was not the most popular. Season four also showed wide discrepancies between phone logs and official tallies.

"Carrie Underwood should have been voted off a considerable time before the finals, yet was ultimately declared the winner in spite of Bo Bice lighting up switchboards on a consistent basis."










Anonymous said...

Poor kid...

minty said...

To complete the thought: "no, he's not gay, but he might be in a few years". Which only goes to show that the author's main problem is with the concept of 12-year-olds being gay. Well sorry, honey, but some of us were and are - deal with it.

Anon said...

The Bonobo chimp, our nearest relative in terms of DNA, is entirely bisexual. It may be wrong to 'divide' people into 'gay' and 'not gay'.

Anonymous said...

BULLSHIT, what the fuck is your problem. GET A FUCKING LIFE, leave the kid alone. whats up? Is the truth really that you failed at your audition and now your just jealous?
I hope sony/syco sue the crap out of you.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

My comments on your last piece about this child were, as always when it comes to this grooming crap, bang on.

The media is seriously pushing the conditioning of the public towards sexual perversion. Last night I found a model who poses as both male and female. It has a woman's face and depending on the assignment wears clothes of either gender. To put it mildly, the creature is revolting but we KNOW that it makes huge monies by appealing to the perverted who love young kids and the androgynous look. AND to make matters worse, it ranked in a contest of the 100 sexiest people in the world!

If parents only knew... some do, especially in America, all the Disney family parents know... but so many do not until their child does not have any chance of return to self.

I have seen many girls here where I live, in a smallish city, who look just like androgynous Justin Bieber. A haircut and it is done...

And yes Aangirfan, this will be posted as soon as I make myself a hot drink! Thanks....

Noor al Haqiqa said...

BTW don't you pronounce SYCO as SICKO?

And one other relevant comment...

Holy pedophilia batman!

And Minty, don't get your panties in a knot over that one too. This has nothing with being born gay but a normal child who has a gift being MADE androgynous and gay for an older perverted audience as well as to little girls.

Anonymous said...


Removed due to a claim from Simco Limited ("Syco") and Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited ("Sony").

Anonymous said...

Denial issued by SYCO

Anonymous said...

Talk to Paul Anka about his experiences. I met him in London in '62, at a party held by the infamous Dr. Stephen Ward ("Who is the host here, where am I, this is the 3-5th place we've been at this evening," he asked me) and had a long chat with him in the kitchen and it was VERY revealing. This sort of grooming was going-on back then, too.

If you recall: Paul had a mega-hit with 'Diana', but for a year after that didn't tour to capitalise on it, it being said he had to finish school.

Fact: He was almost going-under on booze, drugs and women. This at age 16!

He had been boozing and fucking around since he was 14. "3-4 girls a night wasn't unusual - well, hey, at that age you can't get it down, or WANT to!" He woke up one day in bed with two middle-age women, "I suppose they looked good the night before, but I couldn't remember any of it. I realized something was seriously wrong. Nobody was about, no minders, no agent, so I managed to get out of there unseen, got a cab and went to the nearest hospital and signed-in. They were appalled, and I was in rehab for a year. The showbiz people went nuts, but the doctors threatened with procecution, and had the evidence to back it up. My agent was looking at 25 years in jail. Only after the rehab could I get back out there onstage. It was just as bad but I was now older and now had a system to deal with it, I was in better control. I make sure it stays that way. A lot of guys and girls go under, they either get out or die. Showbiz will never change, you have to learn to live with it."

I knew Tommy Steel, he got out, found a niche he could fill, musical-films, made easier as Cliff Richard was now being touted as the Golden Boy. And there have been a LOT of rumours about him. But the difference was Tommy was a tough from the back-streets and knew how to handle himself, he was never sucked-into the party/drugs/booze scene. The London boys stood together and helped each other.

I've often wondered if this was the real reason 'they' pushed The Liverpool Sound. They wanted to crush the rebellion.

Anonymous said...

"The media is seriously pushing the conditioning of the public towards sexual perversion."

Homosexuality is no sexual perversion, get ur things rite, we're in the 21st century, how the hell can u say that? I know about that androgynous model, his name is ANDREJ PEJIC. No big deal. Our planet is going to hell and we care more about the sexuality/imagery/androgyny of a model and see him as a threat. Puhleeze. Probably my comment will be censored or deleted here, it wouldnt be the 1st time, especially when Im arguing with smb and I have all the reasons to. Btw, Im bi myself, so that makes me a pervert, ha, ha!

aferrismoon said...

Ted Bundy's birthname was Theodore Cowell


Anonymous said...

"BULLSHIT, what the fuck is your problem. GET A FUCKING LIFE, leave the kid alone. whats up? Is the truth really that you failed at your audition and now your just jealous?
I hope sony/syco sue the crap out of you."

dude you are obvs an employee of syco...

why swear so much also, you sound upset....

do you fancy him or somfink?


you suck

Nigel McKee said...

lol, you think denying it makes it untrue?? you think that his mom, when threatened to pull out a multi million pound contract from under his feet and ruin her son's life, she is just going to go

" uh oh guys! you've rumbled me!"

the same thing applies to syco, which would also ruin their public image, which their entire company is based upon.

now that's not saying that i agree and believe every last word that drops out of this bloggers mouth, but what i'm saying is, you don't need to defend him straight away, you know just as little information as everyone else... so what gives you more evidence towards not fix, than fix?

lol, freaking homos man. this is about the secrets about this company, not about your sexuality. we are influenced from the moment of birth by our environment, if you were a baby raised by formula milk, in soft, cozy environment, closed off from every possibility of infection or allergy.. of course your going to be more viable to be messed up... you think you would be prancing around claiming that you like penis, if you were raised a hunter, to ruthlessly slaughter animals and to engage your raw sexual animal instinct? i think not. truth is, whether most gay people know it or not they have an attention seeking problem. the same way that i don't throw myself all over the internet shouting about how much i love vagina's, you shouldn't do it with cocks.

i'm here, i'm heterosexual now deal with it *click* *click* BITCHES.

minty said...

Ah, but Noor, just think of Ronan as an "it" and everything will make perfect sense.

brian said...

off topic but FYI
you wont hear of this in the MSM or even most left-liberal sites:


also fact finding is a british group who are there now:

And a spanish woman Leonor Massanet:

nobody said...

Hey Aang,

You're probably onto something here what with attracting the seen-it-all-before triple-banger disinfo hits. A dead giveaway.

Otherwise, and somewhat tangetially, you reminded me of Craig Murray telling us of his wife's pal going on the same show. She clearly wasn't being groomed for anything and instead qualified as someone who was meant to lose. Still it's a clear example of meddling by the people running it and all to get the result they want.

And in such an arrangement the losers will lose and the winners will win. Simple.

Anonymous said...

I don't doubt it's rigged, big money to be made.

I can't watch that show anymore, the emotion from the crowd is just weird, like a gladiatorial arena.

And the man with the big smile but cold eyes, rumoured to be absolutely ruthless in business? The whole thing is just another of thier rituals.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

telstar said...

The documentary 'Starsuckers' is quite enlightening when it comes to the manipulation into place of 'celebrities', particularly these younger 'talents'.

Anonymous said...

Right .. i know for a fine fact he isnt gay because the way he talks and i dont think he's going to be gay please just leave the babe alone yes i said babe hes' a little cutie now leave him alone !!! Kate

paul said...

'I think it's great that Simon Cowell has put in the effort to get the police involved and everything and I'm happy they've said it's not true because it's definitely not.'

Strange how a youngster captures the nuance of a PR hack

Unknown said...

I find Ronan to be a great Lad. I must say on his behalf that he is not gay. He is just a very attractive young Las with an amazing voice with a wonderful heart. Yet with all the perverts who would like to think he is gay,your only destroying the innocence and purity from him

Anon said...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "THE GROOMING OF RONAN PARKE":

Of course it is rigged. I know of person/s who have had things to do with the shows & they have said its all a shambles & also a tax "fiddle".

I also know that Leona Lewis was working in a music place in Hackney in London a year before she went on the show and was telling anyone that would listen that she was going on a talent show & already had a deal place but she was developed for the show over the course of a year...

Cowell allegedly hid millions of Greene's money (the rich elite that owns the Top Shop brand)....

Both Cowell & this Lord BOTH had support and "ins" with the Conservative party in the UK, BOTH had charity work for children's hospices and visited kids, and just like the disgraced Jimmy Savile in the UK, he's now stopped letting children get "special treatment" to view the X-Factor behind the scenes.

Now I'm NOT saying Cowell is a Pedo, or that everything he does is 100% fake....

Oh, and if you must go down the conspiracy route, Cowell is also an Azkhanazi Jew as well on his fathers side.

Elite's are Elite's and if they can make money fast in any way they can....they WILL.

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