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Oliver James

According to someone who worked in a psychiatric hospital:

"Patients had 'events' mostly on days when visited by... 'loving, supportive families'.

"One girl in her twenties, who was before that time a school teacher, climbed the wall when she was told her mother was coming to visit her that day.

"Climbing the wall is an understatement, she became inhuman - not a pretty sight."

Comment by a member of the public on The Genes Don't Fit, by Oliver James, 16/10/2010, New Statesman (Read more)

1. Psychologist Oliver James has analysed the behaviour of George W Bush

"Barbara Bush is described by her closest intimates as prone to 'withering stares' and 'sharply crystalline' retorts.

"She is also extremely tough.

"When he was seven, Bush's younger sister, Robin, died of leukaemia and several independent witnesses say he was very upset by this loss.

"Barbara claims its effect was exaggerated but nobody could accuse her of overreacting: the day after the funeral, she and her husband were on the golf course."

Read more

2. According to UK psychologist Oliver James:

"The closer a nation approximates to the American model ... the greater the rate of mental illness amongst its citizens".

According to Oliver James, Americanism means, for example:

1. Women rejecting the role of the mother.

2. Television corrupting people.

3. Children spending too much time at school.

(OLIVER JAMES INTERVIEWED (2004): If You're Happy and You Know It)

3. Oliver James has written 'How Not to F*** Them Up'.

"Basically I was fucked up by my mother," says Oliver James.

"She had four children under the age of five and found it difficult to cope.

"Often, I was left crying in my pram at the bottom of the garden."

(Oliver James: It's all about you - Profiles, People - The Independent)

4. "Christmas time," explains Oliver James, "is a fixed ritual setting which triggers historic enmities like nothing else.

"The culmination of all these; in the form of present-giving, the pecking order at the table, who does the washing-up, means the shit really hits the fan at this time of year.

"People revert back to being a child without realising it."

To avoid the usual tensions ... Oliver James suggests that we identify what role we occupy in our family, then do the exact opposite.

(Jingle hell: Stories from those who avoid christmas.)

5. Oliver James is in favour of 'love bombing' for children.

He argues that feeling loved is a better remedy than dishing out rules and punishment.

"In fact, feeling loved is far more important for childhood discipline than rule-making and punishment.

"At the heart of the matter is that a sense of being satisfied only comes from having demands met - needy, aggressive behaviour comes from feeling dissatisfied."

(Love bombing kids to get happy results


Anonymous said...

from my own personal experience I would suggest to be extremely careful with psychotropic medication given by psychiatrists or general practitioners.. while you take the drugs, their effect might calm your emotions, but when you stop taking these drugs, the withdrawing effects are horrible.. e.g. Zyprexa from zionist Eli Lilly, caused terrible insomnia for several months... (acupuncture might be an alternative to pharmaceuticals)
Eustace Mullins found out at the time that TPTB had planned to take him out of operation with help of psychiatric treatment!!

nobody said...

Hullo Aang,

Not forgetting that George Bush is in all likelihood the product of multi-generational satanism. I'll lay odds that he's not a million miles away from Brice Taylor, ie. multiple personalities and all that. As for Barbara - sure! (and then there's the girl who climbed the wall when her mother came. Hmm...)

Otherwise, this Oliver James sounds like he's on the money. Then again, that is what happens to you when you hit middle age - you look back and condemn your parents. I know I do!

That aside, I declare Oliver James a true renaissance man. First those cooking shows and now this! Is there anything he can't do?

Greg Burton said...

As you stated, being loved is the most important indicator for growing up "well-adjusted". In retrospect, I could blame my parents for many mistakes they made, but they truly loved me, and, after all, they were only human. In the end, love is what truly matters.

The Realist Report said...

Great post Aangirfan!

I think nobody is correct- Bush is likely the product of a multigenerational satanic family. Try telling that to your average person on the street! These illuminati/free mason groups (which were Zionist fronts from the beginning!) are heavily involved in satanism, black magic and other occult activities.

You highlight:
According to Oliver James, Americanism means, for example:

1. Women rejecting the role of the mother.

2. Television corrupting people.

3. Children spending too much time at school.

The first, I would strongly reject, at least for the women I know.

Television is absolutely corrupting people. I'd go further- television has destroyed the moral fabric of Western society.

I'm not sure about the third. Children spend a lot of time at school- but the teaching is focused on memorization, passing tests, and fake, politically correct history (read: lies).

Love is the most important thing in a child's life. Caring, loving parents are by far the most important factor in a child's life and their future development.

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