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1.CanSpeccy said about SCHOOLS:

"Lack of motivation must be a factor.

"When youth unemployment among black Americans is 50%, WTF use is a high school diploma...

"Best to start selling drugs right away and forget school altogether.

"The same sort of destructive thought processes must afflict many children in almost any Western society where work has been offshored and outsourced, to beef up corporate profits, which have rarely been higher.

"In the meantime, workforce skills are wasting away.

"What is the reward for the hard work necessary to obtain a good education? LOL

"They have plenty of good brains in India and China, so who's gonna rush to employ a math wiz. or programming geek who expects to earn a decent salary and who, in any case, is not permitted by law to work for less than than a minimum wage that a fresh graduate in India would die for."

The Economist Who Said "The Emperor Has No Clothes"

2. Anonymous said...

Japan is no better

"Students’ academic ability is in free-fall, writes Okabe.

"Simple logical thinking is beyond them.

"Their vocabulary is childish, their grasp of mathematics feeble, their curiosity nowhere in evidence.

"The latter is doubly surprising, he points out, in view of the young generation’s easy familiarity with the Internet — but the Net apparently appeals to them more as a playground than as a research venue.

Japan's colleges facing 'meltdown' « EDUCATION IN JAPAN COMMUNITY Blog


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Interesting character this lady...



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Sheila said...

This deliberate dumbing down is only going to get worse. You can read Charlotte Iserbyt on this here:

For a short introduction, watch here:

The UNESCO Education for All agenda is being rolled out in our schools.

This CFR link might imply this is about bringing basic education to children in third world countries who would otherwise have to toil in the fields all day.

Nope - they mean ALL and they mean Global.

I'm Scottish and that has influenced the areas I've researched but don't let that put you off - we're all being herded towards the same outcomes...

Here is the link to a seminar to disseminate the Education for All Global Monitoring Report 2010 in Scotland:,__education_for_all__gmr_%28scotland%29

And here is a post on our Curriculum for Excellence which Subrosa was kind enough to host:

On a brighter note - for the time being at least, school isn't compulsory :)

Anon said...

Many thanks for all the links.

- Aangirfan

Sheila said...

What is happening in education makes more sense when it is seen in the context of integrated services and the snow-balling amount of interoperable data being gathered about every citizen.

Scotland, I'm ashamed to say, seems to be blaizing a trail...

Kenneth Roy of the Scottish Review has written a series of excellent articles exposing the Scottish surveillance scandal.

I have been collating these, and other recent coverage on this discussion thread:

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