Saturday, April 02, 2011


Are government microwave mind control tests causing TV presenters brains meltdown

On 2nd April 2011, at the Daily Mail, we read:

1. Certain TV presenters have recently been seen "dissolving into on-air gibberish."

There are claims that the U.S. military is to blame.

They may be using microwaves as a mind control weapon.

2. With microwave weapons, microwave signals stimulate the brain with fake images and voices.

3. Serene Branson produced a garbled Grammys report.

WISCTV's Sarah Carlson suffered a similar problem.

Judith Sheindlin, on Judge Judy, was taken to hospital after she began speaking nonsense.

Mark McAllister, of Canadian Global Toronto News, gave an unintelligible report on Libya.


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Anonymous said...

Interesting topic. Question is, why?
Maybe our NWO masters are worried about some of their media lackies going rougue and telling some truth during a broadcast?

For those of us who have long suspected Tiger Woods of being an MK Ultra product, this is familiar territory.

Tiger's big winning years were accompanied by an anomalous trend. All of the previously top notch, clutch, big money players folded up and choked when playing opposite Tiger in final rounds.
It made no sense, and media went overboard to explain how intimidating he was etc. etc.
The blimps fling overhead at all of these PGA events sponsored by a who's who of military/spy companies could have easily targeted the unsuspecting challengers to TW and forced their chokes.
Their bewildered confused reactions to their golf meltdowns seem remarkably similar to what these media swine have experienced.

Anonymous said...

Sport is just a big circus. Tiger Woods was probably taking PEDs. Not different from other players. Some players have more money than others. So they afford a better "preparation". When you see a guy like Bolt, 6'4", running these incredible fast times that the world have never seen, you have to question how rotten the system really is. If you produce results and bring big money for the sport and its sponsors, keep your mouth and just play the game, you will be fine. Just don't get too smart...That black and white chess board floor is always there to remind you about who is really running the show.

Newspaceman said...

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It got me too boss.


dublinmick said...


Maybe they are reverting back to T-Rex language from the home planet.

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