Friday, April 15, 2011


According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Libya's central bank has nearly 144 tonnes of gold in its vaults.

And, Libya has oil and water.

Patrick Henningsen, at Global Research, 15 April 2011, has an article entitled:

The West Versus China: A New Cold War Begins on Libyan Soil

Among the points made:

1. AFRICOM documents reveal the US aim in Libya: the control of resources such as oil, and the eviction of China from North Africa.

The US formed AFRICOM in 2007; 49 countries signed on; Libya refused to join.

2. China has 50 large projects in Libya.

However, China’s investments in North Africa are now having to be reduced.

3. Libya’s Great Man Made River could make Libya the 'bread basket' of Africa. Agriculture in Libya is in competition with Israel.

4. One AFRICOM study suggests that China will eventually send troops to Africa to defend its interests there:

“Now China has achieved a stage of economic development which requires endless supplies of African raw materials and has started to develop the capacity to exercise influence in most corners of the globe. The extrapolation of history predicts that distrust and uncertainty will inevitably lead the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to Africa in staggering numbers…”


Anonymous said...

I have been reading about the great man made river project in Libya.
Such a success! And all without the IMF too.

The tragedy of what the UK/US/Israeli/French axis of evil are doing in the middle east continues to escalate. My dogshit country of Canada is trying hard to join that axis, with a vile national media effort that is winning over an ever more ignorant and ugly population of fascists.

The Libyan Great Man Made River is a beautiful story, and us evil doers are going to destroy it.
Here is a classic Goebbels take on that project from the vile New York Times. Unfcukingbelievable!


P2P said...

saw this documentary from tv tonight, in the end of it there's some interesting bits and pieces about libya, especially the river project is very interesting in regards to how gaddafi had decided to use some of the country's resources in recent years.

can be seen on bbc:s webpage, for some, depending on country restrictions:

and for six more days on the finnish national tv company's page:

The Realist Report said...

Thanks for highlighting this info Aangirfan.

Hey bc, just read that Times article. WTF?! Unfuckingbelievable is right on the money. The propaganda is so obvious, even back then.

Anonymous said...

ref oil and turmoil, mostly in oil producing countries

as per attached today's link of the Swiss National Radio, "Welt am Sonntag" in Germany is warning of impending shortages of fuel / gas in Germany..
in my opinion, the reasons given for the warning can not be considered credible at all.. could it be that PeakOil is actually a fact and Israeli controlled USA and NATO are acting in dispair in North Africa and the Middle East??

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