Thursday, November 25, 2010


Left - Gayus Tambunan, supposedly in a detention facility. On the right - a man on holiday in Bali.

They don't call it a bribe.

They call it a donation.

In Indonesia, two former top policemen were let out of their prison cells after giving 'donations' for the care of the jail boss's wife. (Allowed Out of Prison.)

And then there are the adventures of SuperGayus

Gayus Tambunan, a tax official, was arrested in Indonesia in March 2010.

He is, at present, supposed to be in a detention facility, awaiting trial for corruption.

Photographs published on 8 November 2010 show a man at a tennis tournament in Bali.

His hair looks strange?

The man is Gayus Tambunan.

He bribed his way out of jail, and was unlucky that a photographer spotted him.

Gayus told a judge he had been feeling stressed, and needed to 'refresh' himself.

Aburizal Bakrie, Rothschild friend and Chairman of 'Suharto's' Golkar Party, knows all about donations? Did he meet Gayus in Bali?

Gayus allegedly received bribe money from companies owned by Aburizal Bakrie, friend of the Rothschilds. (Gayus vs Govt Official Over Alleged Bakrie Bribes)

Former Suharto 'crony' Bakrie has joined forces with the Rothschild Banking Dynasty.

Top Indonesian businessman Aburizal Bakrie has made a deal with the Rothschilds, a deal which is about dominance in Indonesia's booming coal sector.

The Bakrie Group has done a deal with Vallar, the mining investment fund set up by Nat Rothschild.

Bakrie will have majority control of Vallar and rename it Bumi Plc.

"We’ve announced the creation of an Indonesian coal champion ... (that) is going to be the largest supplier of thermal coal to China," Nat Rothschild said.

Billionaire Bakrie

In 2006, Aburizal Bakrie was only number 6 on the Forbes list of Indonesia's richest people ( he was worth only $1.2 billion )

Bakrie then became a government minister.

By 2007, Bakrie was Indonesia's richest man.

In May 2006 a drilling hole at Porong, Sidoarjo that was constructed without protective casings by PT Lapindo Brantas, a mining company of the Bakrie conglomerate, started a continuous release of hot mud which made many people homeless and which threatened the local economy in East Java.

Malnourished Indonesian

On 25 November 2010, we read that Bakrie allegedly met Gayus Tambunan in Bali.

Reportedly, Bakrie was at the same tennis match as Gayus. (Aburizal Reports Five Media Organizations to Press Council)

Gayus has twice claimed in court that he received bribes from 149 companies, including miners Kaltim Prima Coal, Arutmin and Bumi Resources, all of which are part of the Bakrie Group. (Gayus vs Govt Official Over Alleged Bakrie Bribes)

Malnutrition you may not get to hear about.

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