Sunday, May 09, 2010


Labour did surprisingly well in London.

Did the UK general election involve massive fraud?

Marie Jalloh, an MP from Sierra Leone, said:

"There has to be doubt over the legitimacy of the result."

(Ballot security in the UK ‘worse than in Kenya’)

The fraudsters only had to get involved in the key marginals.

Labour mysteriously held on to around 30-60 key marginal constituencies they had been expected to lose.

Just 16,000 votes were involved in these mysterious wins for Labour.

One small flat in London has 27 people registered to vote.

15 0f these were added in the past month.

The owners of the flat also have two other properties in London, where a further 24 voters have been registered, largely within the past month.

The properties are owned by the family of a man who was a Labour council candidate. (27 voters registered to a single London flat )

A £100k 'Modern Militant' presided over the voting shambles



How do you save England and how do you save Scotland?

It has been noted that Scotland votes differently from England.

In the Sunday Times, Minette Marrin says: Cut Scotland loose

"Let them run Scotland their own way.

"They are perfectly well equipped to do so.

"They could even turn themselves into a rich tax haven, a mini Switzerland, given their wealth of world-beating financial services, lawyers and golf courses.

"They already entice the super-rich with their castles and grouse moors.

"And they have their oil wealth ... their deep-sea ports, their shipbuilding, their IT, their magical Highlands and islands, their arts festivals and an abundance of game, fish and marketable tourist tat.

"The Scots have two highly developed important cities and several great universities and medical schools; their intellectual and entrepreneurial tradition is second to none."


Anonymous said...

To find a solution, we must examine what went wrong. Read this great article by George MacDonald Fraser for some clarity.
SeaGypsy in the Caribbean

The last testament of Flashman's creator: How Britain has destroyed itself by George MacDonald Fraser
by GEORGE MACDONALD FRASER - More by this author » Last updated at 00:13am on 5th January 2008

When 30 years ago I resurrected Flashman, the bully in Thomas Hughes's Victorian novel Tom Brown's Schooldays, political correctness hadn't been heard of, and no exception was taken to my adopted hero's character, behaviour, attitude to women and subject races (indeed, any races, including his own) and general awfulness.

On the contrary, it soon became evident that these were his main attractions. He was politically incorrect with a vengeance.

Gloriously politically incorrect: Flashman, the rogue 'hero' of Fraser's novels

Through the Seventies and Eighties I led him on his disgraceful way, toadying, lying, cheating, running away, treating women as chattels, abusing inferiors of all colours, with only one redeeming virtue - the unsparing honesty with which he admitted to his faults, and even gloried in them.

And no one minded, or if they did, they didn't tell me. In all the many thousands of readers' letters I received, not one objected.

In the Nineties, a change began to take place. Reviewers and interviewers started describing Flashman (and me) as politically incorrect, which we are, though by no means in the same way.
Go to the link and read the rest.
SeaGypsy in the Caribbean

Rob Royston said...

They had one of the election monitors from Nigeria on Radio Scotland. He was shocked that when the "empty" boxes arrived at the polling station they weren't opened. He said it could not happen in Nigeria as they open them immediately before the ballot and check for ballot-stuffing.
Of course, we would never do things like that in this country ;o)

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