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Time to emigrate.

How do you explain the 6 May 2010 UK general election result? (At-a-glance: Election night)

Labour's Margaret Hodge saw her vote increase!

Margaret Hodge (Margaret Oppenheimer) was once council leader in Islington.

Islington children were taken to Jersey 'on unofficial visits'.
(Jersey child abuse link to Islington, London / JASON OWEN; A CHILD ABUSE RING)

Labour won 41 out of 58 seats in Scotland.

Labour's share of the vote in Scotland increased.

Labour won Glasgow East, thus defeating the SNP candidate who spoke out on the corruption associated with Steven Purcell.

In the UK, a surprisingly large number of voters are obviously stupid and have voted in favour of more war and more poverty.

The people continue to be conned.

And there has most likely been vote fraud.

In the UK, in early May 2010, it was reported that Police were investigating postal vote fraud in 50 constituencies.

Many of these are marginal constituencies held by Labour.

In Bethnal Green in London, one two bedroom flat had 12 registered voters.
(British Election mired in corruption‎ )

At the European elections, in 2009, the electoral roll of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets contained 148,970 names.

By January 2010, it had gone up to 160,278.

"Either Tower Hamlets is growing twice as fast as the fastest-growing city in China, or it is the target of massive and systematic electoral fraud."

Unfortunately, "police inquiries seldom get anywhere." (By permitting fraud we betray democracy)‎

In Scotland, a large vote for the party of war, poverty and corruption suggests that it's time for sensible Scots to emigrate.

Scotland could become Moldova.

The Scottish National Party's John Mason was member of parliament for Glasgow East and had spoken out on the corruption in Glasgow, linked to the Labour Party's Steven Purcell.

On 6 May 2010, John Mason got only 7,957 votes.

His Labour opponent got 19,797 votes.

Time to emigrate

Dumfries and Galloway had a strange result.

In the June 2009 Euro-Elections, the result in Dumfries and Galloway was:

Conservatives 12,239 votes,

Scottish National Party(SNP) 8,247

Labour 5,733

The final opinion poll of Scottish voters' voting intention showed a strong surge in SNP support and all the other parties losing ground. (Surge in support for Scottish National Party)

The YouGov poll showed the SNP up seven points on the party's 2005 result.

But, in Dumfries and Galloway, on 6 May 2010, Labour's Russell Brown came top, with his vote increasing 4.8%

The YouGov poll showed Labour with 37% of the Scottish vote.

The actual 6 May 2010 vote gave Labour 42.4% of the Scottish vote.


In certain countries, elections are manipulated.

Some voters were turned away from polling stations.

"In the vital marginal seat of Chester, where Labour is defending a majority of just 917, more than 600 voters were said to have been shut out of the polling.

"It was the same story in Islington South in London, where the sitting Labour MP Emily Thornberry has a majority of just 464. Again, hundreds were denied the chance to vote, with the consequence that angry demonstrations were held and police had to be called." (dailymail.b)

Liverpool Wavertree: Won by Luciana Berger for Labour. Polling stations ran out of ballot papers.

Lewisham, London: More than 300 people turned away by police at 10pm.

Hackney South and Shoreditch, London: At least 150 voters turned away by police after 10pm.

Dalston, London: Voters turned away by police after hour-long queues

Hackney North and Stoke Newington, London: Voters turned away by police

Camberwell and Peckham, London: Held by Labour's Harriet Harman. Queues at 10pm but those inside allowed to vote

Islington North, London: Held by Labour. Many turned away after 10pm after queues began forming at 7.15pm

Penistone and Stocksbridge, Yorkshire: Held by Labour with a 3,049 majority. Voters turned away at 10 PM (dailymail.H)

Voting frustration - Readers vent their anger at being denied a vote


Anonymous said...

Ahoy Aangirfan, Just where do you emigrate too. Mt family left Auld Scotland in 1953 for Canada, because of lack of opportunities, labour strife etc.
Canada was a fine place then, but has since been ruined by 'multiculturalism', and big gov.
The US, ... well it is big in every way, especially in corruption.
Australia, NZ, SA ... same as Canada.
The real answer; the ONLY answer is to stay and fight !
SeaGypsy, in the Caribbean

Anonymous said...

may well be right but i'll give it a while yet, see what they have in store running up to 2012, the big day

and as said, where do you go? possibly esier to drop off the radar at home, there are ways

Anonymous said...

Hi Aangirfan,
I agree with Seagypsy, there's no place left that hasn't been ruined. Either stay and fight if you are young enough or head for the islands.

Anonymous said...

but was it the 'stupid' who gave the electoral kiss-of-life to this homicidal soul-less zombie of a political party or was it a perfectly self-interested decision by the millions-strong client state of parasites it has spawned living off the public-sector - from idle benefits recipients to the council offices crammed full of "diversity" commissars & socially useless pen-pushers ?
when financial reality dawns they all have a rude awakening ahead of them.


chuckyman said...

There are indeed few places to flee. The banking octopus hidden by the omissions of the “media” control all – or so it seems. People are funny creatures. It is only in our deepest moments of despair that our hearts truly show their strength. I’ve seen it happen.

So begins the death of a thousand cuts. Live and die free, standing up or lie down and accept the furry handcuffs. We shall see.

Suraci, from what I can gather somewhere real high above the flood line and away from the pacific rim is what I hear (grin).

Anonymous said...

Voting frustration is when they send you a card, even though you insisted you wanted no more to do with the system.

Its around this point you realize a failure to communicate.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Stay and fight mate we are all in the same boat.

Anonymous said...

Join the BCG

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