Sunday, May 16, 2010

Passports, Intelligence Services, Iran, World Cup, Pakistan, Nuclear Bases

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Does Mossad share passports with the CIA?

"CIA operatives used fake British passports to carry out the extraordinary rendition in Europe." - Fake British passports 'used by CIA' in terror abductions - claim

Indonesia 'uncovers plot to kill president' . aangirfan: INDONESIA'S GENERALS TURN AGAINST THE USA?

UK cabinet minister Theresa May has hired glamerous Annabel Roycroft to advise on counter terrorism and the work of the intelligence services. Reportedly, Annabel Roycroft is one of the main characters in a book called In The Pink which is about a world where 'the horses have cocaine habits and the locals have developed their own alternative to Viagra'. (dailymail.4)

Clinton and Hague

"The Lib Dems have long complained of a 'subservient' relationship to the US and promised not to attack Iran.

"However, in his first days as foreign secretary, William Hague issued a warning to Iran over its nuclear programme."

"The depth of division among Liberal Democrats over Nick Clegg's coalition deal with the Tories bursts into the open today as former party leader Charles Kennedy reveals that he refused to vote for the deal." - Top Liberal Democrats open rift over coalition with Conservatives

The Liberal Democrats fear a huge loss of support - Scots voters threaten Holyrood backlash after Lib Dems back Tories

World Cup 2010: FA chief Lord Triesman accuses Spain and Russia of bid to bribe referees.

Boy, 12, voted in UK General Election, in his school uniform


Gordon Duff: Times Square Bombing Part of CIA False Flag Against Pakistan

Revealed: the catalogue of chronic safety blunders at nuclear navy bases


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