Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Letwin, Hurt Locker, Times Square, Kagan, Private Schools, Nationalists

Why is the UK Conservative Party's Oliver Letwin, who has links to the Rothschilds, looking so happy?

Has a powerful faction within the Kosher Nostra decided to have the UK run by an alliance of Nick Clegg's Liberal Democrats and a Labour party under David Miliband? (AFTER MILIBAND'S VISIT TO WASHINGTON)

In 2008, The Telegraph reported that friends of Nat Rothschild had warned that "the Conservative Party should halt their attempts to 'rubbish' Nat Rothschild, or risk the Shadow Chancellor (Conservative George Osborne) being brought down". ('stop rubbishing' Rothschild or you're ...) (KOSHER NOSTRA TO DECIDE ELECTION?)

Which parties will come together?

Avatar and The Hurt Locker

"I'm guessing that Solomons is Jewish, partly because he's a writer in the mainstream press, partly because he doesn't write very well and so must have another reason for being a writer in the mainstream press, and partly because of what he was writing.

"Solomons is not too keen on the film 'Avatar', and informs his audience as to why it failed to get the Oscars it deserved, while the awards went instead to 'The Hurt Locker'.

"Being Jewish, as I assume Solomons is, it isn't hard to see why he likes 'The Hurt Locker', with it's essentially pro military stance bolstering support for Israel's wars, but doesn't like "Avatar", which puts the American military in, horror of horrors, the role of bad guy." - A film critic

Something fishy.

US to gain more control of Pakistan after Times Square "attack"

A Great Reason to Reject Kagan for the Supreme Court ~ ADL Approval

Parents sue private school for expelling son over drug dealing ...

Tagged, the drunken public school thugs.

Welcome to the North

"Can anyone understand why Alex Salmond is offering his party to Labour?

"Certainly I can't and neither can this blogger. Why would the SNP want to keep Labour in Westminster?...

"Alex Salmond knows that the SNP vote in the east of Scotland comes from old tory heartlands. Many SNP voters in these constituencies are ex-tory voters.

"Why would he sacrifice these votes by offering to join with Labour - the party which detests the SNP? - What's the SNP Up To?

Angus Robertson MP, Westminster leader of the Scottish Nationalists, has said that if the Liberal Democrats go into any sort of alliance with the Conservatives they would lose all their seats in Scotland. (dailymail.o)

But, Aangirfan believes that if the Liberal Democrats or the Scottish Nationalists ally with Labour, the party of Miliband and Blair, they will lose many of their supporters.


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