Thursday, May 20, 2010


Kids in Tripoli by hazy jenius

Reportedly, Israel would like to take over Southern Lebanon, in order to get Southern Lebanon's water supplies.

Maps of Greater Israel show Israel in control of parts of Syria.

And all of Gaza.

And parts of Iraq.

So, a war might be needed.

On 20 May 2010, the Financial times had an article entitled "Threat of war across region..." which refers to a possible Israeli attack on Lebanon and Syria.

Step 1

There is an attack on Iran.

Step 2

In Lebanon, Hizbollah is expected to side with Iran.

Step 3

Israel invades Lebanon.

Step 4

Israel claims that the supply lines for Hizbollah's missiles run through Syria.

Israel attacks Syria.

Step 5

Hamas in Gaza is said to have the support of Iran.

Gaza becomes involved in the conflict.

Step 6

Other areas which could become involved include: Iraq, Bahrain, Qatar...


Anonymous said...

there'll be an israeli flag on the great pyramid one day

it'll require the deaths of millions, but that little detail won't stop them

Anonymous said...

I hope it wont happen yet...


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