Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Corruption and Fraud

Former CIA Officials Admit To Faking Bin Laden Video

Time to sack Nick Clegg?

Nick Clegg admits: I might not have the power to stop Gary McKinnon's extradition...

British election system open to corruption and fraud Mail Online

Dianne Abbott tipped to win Labour leadership race - Mail Online


Annonymous uploads here

WikiSpooks main site here

Industrial Espionage: How the CIA got the world to buy American during the Cold War.

"New York University researchers Daniel Berger, Bill Easterly, Shanker Satyanath - together with Harvard economist Nathan Nunn - have analyzed Perkins' 'economic hitman' theory - that is, the theory that the U.S. government has used the CIA to promote American corporate interests abroad...

"The CIA's activities ranged from active interventions, like operatives blowing up dams or 'neutralizing' opponents, to ... providing funds or expertise for the campaigns of U.S.-friendly politicians.

"The researchers match up this history of CIA interventions to data on imports and exports between the United States and each of its trading partners over the same time span to see whether trade was affected by CIA operations. Indeed it was: In years the CIA was active in a country, the United States enjoyed a boost in exports to that country of about 13 percent."


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