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The election of a right-wing president in Northern Cyprus could help Israel and the 'fascists' in Turkey who have links to the Pentagon.

The Pentagon, NATO and Israel have long used the 'stay behind' groups to try to control Europe, including Turkey. (Stay-behind - Wikipedia)

The 'stay behind' groups have been linked to terrorism and heroin smuggling in Europe and Turkey. (ergenekon "stay behind" in many countries)

The 1980 Bologna Bomb was reportedly the work of stay-behind operatives, as part of Operation Gladio, (terrorism in Europe)

The 'stay-behind' groups 'Gladio-style terrorism' has reportedly hit Istanbul, New York, and other parts of the world.

The present government of Turkey has exposed 'Ergenekon', the reported attempt by the CIA, NATO and Israel to use terror and heroin to control Turkey. (KILLING KIDS ON A FIELD TRIP; ERGENEKON AND 9 11)

Dervis Eroglu by Armagan Orki © All rights reserved. has drawn our attention to an article about Cyprus by Wayne Madsen, dated 19 April 2010. (

Among the points made by Wayne Madsen:

1. In April 2010, Turkish Northern Cyprus elected a new president, the hard-line right wing Dervid Eroglu.

This will 'embolden' the right-wing Ergenekon (stay-behind) forces in Turkey and North Cyprus.

2. Turkish Northern Cyprus is used by Jewish 'gangster tycoons', who are involved in casinos and money laundering.

North Cyprus has always benefited from the quiet support of Israel.

3. Israelis run hotel-casino complexes in North Cyprus.

The proceeds can be laundered into funding Ergenekon activities in North Cyprus, as well as mainland Turkey.

Turkish Northern Cyprus

4. In the late 1990s, Ariel Sharon and his family began to make casino deals on the West Bank and Cyprus.

Israeli casino flights now fly to North Cyprus.

5. Israeli businessman Roni Kuperberg owns the Chateau Lambousa casino, west of Kyrenia in northern Cyprus.

Israel's Ofer Grou, owned by Israeli businessman Sami Ofer, announced plans in 2007 to build a hotel casino complex in North Cyprus.

One major Israeli player in North Cypriot gambling is Teddy Sagi.

In 1999, Sagi and three other Israelis started Playtech, a provider of on-line gambling software.

"Sagi is a convicted stock fraudster, having been convicted of fraud in the 1996 'Discount affair,' a stock manipulation scheme."

In 2009, Playtech Cyprus, Ltd. began providing casino equipment to a new Bucharest casino owned by Africa-Israel Investments, Ltd, owned by Israeli multi-billionaire Lev Leviev.

Northern Cyprus

6. The North Cyprus connection to Ergenekon was highlighted in 2006 when an armed clash broke out in between gangs loyal to two casino owners in Northern Cyprus.

One of the parties was reported to have been Yasar Oz, a suspect in the Ergenekon network.

Yasar oz was exposed in the Susurluk car crash incident in 1996, in which documents related to Ergenekon first surfaced.

Northern Cyprus


aferrismoon said...

Dervis Eroglu is backed by ORANGE ladies , I see the colour still marches on , noting Nick Cleggs rise aswell, and its looks like Jiri Paroubek will win in Czech Republic

Paroubek's party CSSD is the Socialist one , and used to be coloured RED, but as Czech still has a large Communist party they changed it to Orange.

Dervis = right wing
Clegg = sensibly centre
Paroubek = left wing


Penny said...

used your pic of Radoslaw Sikorski, and linked to it also, interesting news about Rad, two timing it up with Hilary, what a man whore!

Ah, thanks, knew you wouldn't mind

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