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Jeffrey Epstein, a former board member of Rockefeller University, a member of the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations, a close friend of Ghislaine Maxwell who is the daughter of suspected Mossad agent Robert Maxwell.

In 2008, US financier Jeffrey Epstein pled guilty to soliciting underage girls for sex.

Epstein has been a friend of Prince Andrew and has stayed at Sandringham, the Queen's Norfolk home. He has been a guest at Windsor. ( )

He has been on holiday with Prince Andrew in Thailand. Andrew was photographed surrounded by topless women on a yacht.

Johanna Sjoberg, an 'all-American brunette' worked for Epstein. ( )

Johanna remembers attending an Epstein party in New York in 2001.

She recalls: "Prince Andrew was there and Ghislaine and a couple of other girls my age...

"Andrew ... I sat on his lap - and he put his hand on my breast...

"Ghislaine made a lot of sexual jokes...

"There were pictures of her and Jeffrey and the Pope, and her and Jeffrey and Castro, and her and Jeffrey and Clinton."

Epstein was friends with Leo di Caprio and Bruce Willis...

Palme was alleged to have had sex with young girls.

Which top politicians allegedly had sex with young kids?

Swedish prime minister Olof Palme reportedly worked for the CIA (CIA Olof Palme (CIA's Assassination Project?) and allegedly had links to a sex scandal.

In the USA we have the Franklin child abuse scandal; in the UK the Jersey child abuse scandal; in Belgium the Dutroux child abuse affair; in Portugal the Casa Pia child abuse affair...

In Sweden we have the Geijer child abuse scandal.

In 2008, in Sweden, certain women claimed that as young young girls they had been abused by a major prostitution ring in the 1970s. (

Sweden's Chancellor of Justice, Göran Lambertz, said he had no reason to doubt that the women had been exposed to "a large number of sex offences".

In 1976, there was a raid on a Stockholm brothel.

The brothel recruited young girls from a children's home. (Brothel harness that was Geijer affair)

The brothel was frequented by politicians, the security services and the Polish military attache.

The brothel madam, Doris Hopp, was arrested.

One of the child victims in the Geijer scandal

A police investigation revealed that many of Hopp's customers were top politicians.

In November 1977, newspaper Dagens Nyheter alleged that Justice Minister Lennart Geijer was one of the customers of the prostitution ring.

The newspaper's source was a report by the chief of police Carl Persson to Prime Minister Olof Palme about the involvement of top politicians in the scandal.

Former Prime Minister Thorbjörn Fälldin and former Centre Party leader Olof Johansson were linked to Doris Hopp's brothel.

Swedish prime Minister Olof Palme was linked to the scandal. (

Olof Palme was said to have had sex with young girls at the brothel. (Geijeraffären - Wikipedia - [ Translate this page ])

"Karin and Irene were only 14 years when they were offered as prostitutes to the Swedish top politicians, including the Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme."


A police investigation listed 70 top people involved.

There was a massive cover-up.

Olof Palme was murdered in 1986.

Only one person was put on trial, Sigvard Hammar, a minor figure.

Criminologist Leif G W Persson, who worked for Carl Persson, found his desk and room emptied of documents.




PURCELL, Stefan King, James Mortimer, Brian Dempse...




mark said...

also seems huge in Canada - check out Kevin Annett's reports on child trafficking & the Byron Prior case.

arthur zbygniew said...

about Robert Maxwell

mossad killed maxwell

Anonymous said...

In Holland we currently have the George Demmink case. A Kurdish man who would leak from Turkey that the Dutch Secretary of the Justice department is an active pedophile, has been put in jail for a long time, in order to cover up the pedophilia. Dutch media an senate have become accessory, it is them who are doing the cover-up.

The Zandvoort Video's case from Holland where discovered and leaked about from Belgium researcher Marcel Vervloosem, who is poisoned and imprisoned by the Belgium courts, and has many problems to take these people to Justice, while Dutch media covers up every leak.

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