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In 2003, in Malaysia, former Prime Minister Mahatir Mohammad told the 57 national leaders assembled for the Organization of the Islamic Conference that Jews "rule the world by proxy''.

In 2004, the US Congress passed The Global Anti-Semitism Review Act.

It orders the U.S. State Department to monitor global antisemitism, reporting annually to the United States Congress.

The problem with the act is that it makes it look as if Jews control the US Congress.

According to the Report 2005:

In Europe - "Holocaust and tolerance education as well as teacher training provide a potential long-term solution to anti-Semitism..."

In Israel - "Palestinian terrorist organizations, including Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades attacked Israelis and sometimes issued anti-Semitic statements following their attacks."

terrorofzion.blogspot/ has commented that Criticizing Jews is Illegal

Dr. Paul Balles has the same material at

Reportedly, we are not allowed to argue that "that the Jewish community controls government, the media, international business and the financial world."

Reportedly we are not allowed to voice certain criticisms of Israel or its religion or its idea of the Holocaust or its involvement in false flag terrorism.


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aferrismoon said...

Ernst Zundel sent for 3 years for 'antisemitism'

Marc Dutroux sent down for 13 years , let out after 3 for abducting and raping 5 girls

Thus antisemitism = the rape of 5 girls

Ok I'm being a bit simplistic , but Mr. Dutroux , as a Jew, seems to have been treated remarkably leniently for a definite crime against humanity [ though I doubt they were jewish children] while Mr. Zundel gets the same for an opinion

If Mr. Dutroux had killed jewish children I doubt he would have got such a lenient first sentence, though of course I can't prove that, but I doubt the Jewish community would have stood for it.


nobody said...

Was Dutroux Jewish? First I've heard of it.

Otherwise -
"The problem with the act is that it makes it look as if Jews control the US Congress." Very good. My laugh of the day.

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