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Cherie_and_Euan_Blair_(-Red_Bull_Air_Race_2007_-London_-28July2007.jpg: Aidan Pedreschi)

Robert Harris's book The Ghost, tells the story of Adam Lang, a recently retired British Prime Minister, made unpopular by a war.

Roman Polanski’s film The Ghost Writer is based on The Ghost.

We can assume Lang is based on Tony Blair.

Lang, while on Martha's Vineyard, talks to a ghost writer who is writing his memoirs.

Lang does the work of the CIA.

Lang's executive assistant is also Lang's mistress.

Lang's wife Ruth, is CIA.

Does this mean that Tony Blair's wife is suspected of having been recruited by the CIA?

Tony Blair's wife is Cherie Blair, nee Booth.

Cherie was "the abandoned daughter of the drunken Tony... Brought up by her mother at her Catholic grandmother's house in Liverpool." (Cherie Blair - saint or sinner? - Telegraph)

Cherie went to Seafield convent school at the age of 11.

Reportedly, in her memoirs, Cherie provides an account of her complicated sex life, and reveals that, in the mid 1970s, she cheated on David Attwood by sleeping with two other men. (The Tribune, Chandigarh, India - World)

Tony Booth

Cherie Blair's father is the actor Tony Booth, who claims to be related to John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated Abraham Lincoln.

Tony Booth worked at the United States Consulate in Liverpool.

Later he worked with the spooky Royal Corps of Signals.

Tony Booth was posted in the army to SHAPE in Paris.

Cherie studied law at the spooky London School of Economics.

She obtained a pupillage in the chambers of the 'spooky' Derry Irvine.

Tony Booth had many wives and partners.

Tony Booth, in his autobiography Stroll On, describes part of his life as "one long bacchanalia of hell raising and 'crumpeteering'" (John Rentoul - Tony Blair, Prime Minister, page 61)

Reportedly, when the CIA are looking for people whose minds they can control, they look for people with troubled childhoods.

Reportedly, many of the mind-control victims come from families linked to certain forms of Catholicism.

Cherie "developed a friendship with – more accurately a dependency upon – Carole Caplin, an ex-glamour model turned 'lifestyle guru' whose boyfriend at the time was Peter Foster, a convicted Australian fraudster." (The two lives of Cherie Blair - Telegraph)

Tony and Cherie Blair (

In 2002, there were reports that "Cherie was visiting Sylvia Caplin, mother of Carole, for channelling sessions."

Cherie "sat surrounded by large stones that Mrs Caplin claimed had healing and protective powers.

"Then the medium meditated so that she could communicate with the dead in a socalled 'spiritual release'." (Is Cherie Blair misunderstood or bonkers? Mail Online

In 2001, while in Mexico, Cherie and Tony Blair underwent a 'rebirthing ritual' in a Mayan steam bath 'which represents the womb'.

Their therapist, Nancy Aguilar, told the couple to imagine animal-shapes in the steam.

The Blairs screamed to signify the pain of rebirth. (Is Cherie Blair misunderstood or bonkers? Mail Online)



BlairSupporter said...

Just brainwashing by the press against the Blairs and money-making byt those trying to cash in from Tony's name.

All rubbish, as always.

But Cherie DOES have an unbalanced sister, though. See my post attached.

nobody said...

Thanks Aang,

That would explain a lot wouldn't it? All those weird svengalis/handlers...

And why not Blair himself? Bush was clearly mind-fucked so I don't see why not. Besides I have trouble making sense of him otherwise...

Anonymous said...

Damned that rules me out then......I had a happy childhood with great loving parents.

I think being recruited with dysfunctional pasts seems a bit too narrow; they recruit a wide range of people, not just social outcasts with weaknesses in the past...though Hitler would be a perfect fit, as well as Saddam Hussein, (no known father, about which he was constantly teezed)

Anonymous said...

how can anyone claim to be a tony blair supporter ? people have put ads in the newspapers apologising for voting for the man ?
hesa mass murderer for god sake !
I have info on how blair faked his way into power but i dont know how to contact this site as there is no email address ???

Anonymous said...

Blair didn't just fake way into power, he murdered his way into office.

According to reports in the Japanese press, Blair's inconvenient rival John Smith was callously assassinated to clear Blair's path to the premiership.

By then, Blair had been officially selected for public office, already a Bilderberg attendee, with Smith dealt with, the phony election of phony tony was a mere formality.

Blair's hands drip with fresh blood. Even more so as Her Majesty's "Special Envoy" to the "Middle East".

There's more to Tony Booth. He's a total psychopath - a wannabe serial killer. In a completely pre-meditated attack, Booth tried to murder a lover who jilted him, as well as her child.

As his ex-lover and her child slept, Booth broke into their house through a shared roof space. He carried a large drum of paraffin and doused the house with it. His plan was to burn them both to death and dress it up as a tragic accident. But alas, in the process, Booth set himself ablaze and suffered serious burns. He was never charged.

MaryC said...

If BlairSupporter is refering to Lauren Booth, I can only assume that she has been smeared as unbalanced by the media because of her conversion to Islam and her activism on behalf of the Palestinians. I much prefer Lauren to her loopy New Age sister and her odious Zionist, war criminal brother-in-law.

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