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Dawood Ibrahim, allegedly a CIA asset, has been linked to the 1993 and 2008 Mumbai bombings. Now the American David Headley, allegedly a CIA agent, has been linked to the same bombings.

The American David Headley, who is alleged to be a CIA agent, has allegedly been busy organising terrorism in India for some time.

Shiv Sena parliamentarian Vivek Pandit, has said that David Coleman Headley has links to the 1993 serial bomb blasts in India. (Which ex-minister put pressure on Ujjwal Nikam? )

The 1993 attacks on Bombay are believed to have been coordinated by Dawood Ibrahim, who allegedly works for the CIA. (MUMBAI AND DAWOOD)

The CIA reportedly has infiltrated the Indian secret service, the RAW, and the Indian police, and the Indian government.

The CIA was reported to have penetrated the RAW through people like Major Rabinder Singh, who was helped by the CIA to flee to the US. (Will Headley case affect Indo-US intelligence co-operation? )

B. Raman, former top man in the Indian security services, has written: Headley case: India as a soft sate

B Raman points out that, during the investigation into the Mumbai blasts of 1993, Dawood Ibrahim's gang got logistics help "through the Personal Assistant to a senior member of the Cabinet of Narasimha Rao, the then Prime Minister."

B raman refers to a 1995 air drop of arms and ammunition to terrorists in the Purulia area by an aircraft piloted by a British pilot.

The British pilot was in touch with the British Defence Ministry.

"After consulting the Indian authorities, the British asked the pilot to keep passing on information about the air drop to enable the Indian authorities to lay a trap.

"He reportedly did, but the Indian authorities botched up the operation so badly that the air drop could not be prevented. The extremists managed to collect the air-dropped arms and ammunition and disappear. Till today, we have not been able to identify them though the crew of the aircraft were arrested and prosecuted."

Headley (top right) of the CIA?

According to B raman, the 2008 Mumbai massacre had two places of origin - Pakistan and Chicago "from where the collection of all pre-attack information which made the terrorist attack possible was orchestrated by Headley, an American citizen..."

Headley had changed his name and got a new passport.

B Raman points out that "when a person changes his name and applies for a new passport, his new passport is supposed to carry an endorsement to the effect that 'this person previously travelled under the name with the passport No...'

"If the Indian Consulate-General in Chicago had carefully scrutinised his passport and his visa application as they were supposed to under the rules, they might have noticed the following things: ....he had changed his name and obtained a new passport just before applying for an Indian visa...

"This should have immediately resulted in a personal interview with the applicant in order to question him..."

Is the CIA trying to destabilise the Indian economy, get India into bed with the Pentagon and military-industrial complex, and get India engaged in the balkanisation of Pakistan?

On 21 December 2009, DNA INDIA had an article entitled US playing own game in sharing intel with India which asks if the CIA is involved in a larger, murkier conspiracy.

'Dependable sources' told DNA that almost 80% of the intelligence alerts received by India about terrorism in recent times had originally come from the US.

"The alerts have mostly turned out be false or unsubstantiated."

DNA reports that, according to Indian officials, India let US intelligence tighten its grip on India's intelligence.

According to DNA, sources say that the motive behind American warnings has come under greater scrutiny after Indian intelligence agencies became convinced that Headley was an American agent.

DNA reports that suspicion of the US agencies did not start with the Headley case.

DNA reminds us of the case of the American called Ken Haywood. (MUMBAI AND DAWOOD)

Haywood's computer was allegedly used by Indian Mujahideen operatives to send out an email warning of the Ahmedabad serial blasts in July 2008.

Haywood managed to escape from India "despite a lookout notice against him in all Indian airports."

DNA claims that Indian officials "suspect a strategy behind the 'random distribution of information' by the US agencies into the Indian system."


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