Saturday, November 21, 2009


Tanks in Glasgow, in 1919, ready to shoot the people.

How vicious are the ruling elite?

"In 1919 Glasgow's engineering unions called for a general strike starting on 27 January in support of the demand for a 40-hour working week...

"The Government sent English troops to Glasgow...

"Six tanks and 100 motor lorries accompanied the troops, and they were sent to strategic points across the city on 1 February in a calculated show of force." - I Belong To Glasgow: Bloody Friday

The British military were prepared to shoot the people.

"Soldiers armed with machine guns, tanks and a howitzer arrived on the Friday night and Saturday to occupy Glasgow's streets.

"A 4.5 inch Howitzer was positioned at the City Chambers, the cattle market was transformed into a tank depot, Lewis Guns were posted on the top of the North British Hotel and the General Post Office, armed troops stood sentry outside power stations, docks and patrolled the streets." - Battle of George Square - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

People got hurt.

"The seriousness of the government's intent can be gauged from Regulation 965 about how to deal with 'civil unrest': 'It is undesirable that firing should take place over the heads of the rioters or that blank ammunition should be used.'" - BBC NEWS.

BBC iPlayer - Andrew Marr's The Making of Modern Britain: Having a Ball.

The people of Glasgow wanted better conditions.

24 million children growing up without parental care -

Palestinian Ministry of Prisoners' affairs: Israeli army kidnapped 6200 children since 2000

"Jews performed human sacrifice, and of their own children no less." -
Jews, Satanists, and that wretched lesbian cabaret act

"The United States, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands have been deploying new forces to encircle the ALBA countries with a view to attacking Nicaragua, Ecuador and Venezuela. Readying for the gathering storm, Chile has embraced the North-American camp and stockpiled a powerful arsenal." - Rumors Of Coups And War: U.S., NATO Target Latin America

Washington: "Democratizing" the Military Coup in Honduras

Worlwide Corporate Control of Agriculture: The New Farm Owners

New EU President Rompuy announces 2009 as “first year of global governance”

UK government knew CIA was torturing innocent British detainee.


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