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Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) was a gay Satanist with links to the UK security services.

He slept with men, women and boys. (A Magick Life A Biography Of Aleister Crowley)

Reportedly, 'he inspired the free-love generation of the 1960s'.

He died a penniless drug addict.

Aleister Crowley was called, by sections of the press, 'The Wickedest Man In the World'. (Owen, Alex The Place of Enchantment. University of Chicago Press, 2004)

Crowley had a difficult childhood. Some would say that Crowley went mad.

His father's money came from a family brewery business.

His father was a preacher. (Aleister Crowley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Both of his parents were Exclusive Brethren, 'a more conservative faction' of the Plymouth Brethren.[9]

The Brethren have a strong interest in Hell and Satan.

As a child, the only book Crowley was allowed to read was the Bible.

From the age of eight he was sent to strict Evangelical boarding schools.

At his second school he was bullied and beaten by 'a sexually ambiguous sadomasochist' headmaster.

When Aleister was 11, his father died.

Aleister came to hate the Brethren.

As a child, he was caught torturing a cat to test if it had nine lives. (Channel 4: Masters of Darkness)

Crowley's mother caught him masturbating and called him 'the beast'. (Channel 4: Masters of Darkness)

At 14, he had sex with a maid.

He "was forced to leave many schools, on one occasion because he had caught gonorrhoea from a prostitute." (Channel 4: Masters of Darkness)

Aleister Crowley went to the posh private school called Malvern College, and to Cambridge University.


In 1896, he decided to take up occultism. This was after a homo-erotic experience that brought him what he considered "an encounter with an immanent deity." (Sutin, L. Do What Thou Wilt. 2000)

He mixed with female prostitutes and took part in homosexual activity. (Aleister Crowley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia )

He practised 'sexual magic rituals' with men and women and boys.

Crowley wrote (A History of Homoerotica):

Boy of red lips, pale face, and golden hair,
Of dreamy eyes of love, and finger-tips
Rosy with youth, too fervid and too fair,
Boy of red lips.
How the fond ruby rapier glides and slips
'Twixt the white hills thou spreadest for me there...

According to Sutin (Sutin, L. Do What Thou Wilt. 2000) Crowley had a deep relationship with Herbert Charles Pollitt, a transvestite whom he met at Cambridge in 1897.

In a 1929 letter, Crowley wrote

"Call me a bugger if you like, but I don't feel the same way about women. One can always replace a woman in a few days." (letter to Montgomery Evans, January 17, 1929, O.T.O. archives, quoted Sutin p. 334)

Crowley suffered from asthma and was prescribed drugs for this.

At various times he experimented with laudanum, opium, cocaine, hashish, marijuana, alcohol, ether, mescaline and heroin.[70]

Crowley married Rose Kelly and took her to Egypt.

In 1904, in Cairo, Crowley had 'a revelatory experience,' perhaps influenced by drugs.

Crowley performed an invocation of the Egyptian God Horus.

According to Crowley, the God told him that a new Aeon for mankind had begun, and that Crowley would serve as its prophet.

"Believing himself to be the messiah of a new epoch, Crowley swore that he would perform depraved acts and learn to love them.

"Christianity was dead, he declared.

"His new religion had one all-powerful doctrine: 'Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.'" (Channel 4: Masters of Darkness)

Crowley headed to Vietnam, where he abandoned his wife Rose and their child Lola. .

Lola died of typhoid. Rose became mentally ill. (Channel 4: Masters of Darkness )

Crowley took as his lover the writer Victor Neuberg.

They spent some time in Algeria where they were suspected of being spies. (SECRET AGENT 666)

Eventually,Neuberg was abandoned and suffered from mental illness. (Channel 4: Masters of Darkness )

In his biography, Aleister Crowley: the Nature of the Beast, Colin Wilson writes that Crowley complained in a letter "that he was having an awful job of keeping Neuberg away from Arab boys for whose brown bottoms he had a 'frightful lust.'" (Wicca Turns 50 -- Sex-Crazed Satanic Roots of a New Religion)

Richard B. Spence, in his 2008 book Secret Agent 666: Aleister Crowley, British Intelligence and the Occult, wrote that Crowley was an agent of British Intelligence

"While they were staying in Algeria, Crowley and Neuberg were being closely watched by the local French colonial police.

"They believed the Great Beast was on a secret mission in North Africa to gather information for British Intelligence, using his magical operations as a cover." (SECRET AGENT 666).

During World War I, Crowley was in the USA, acting, or pretending to act, as a German propaganda agent.

If he was an agent provocateur he could have had a role in provoking the sinking of the Lusitania, thus bringing the United States closer to active involvement in the war alongside the Allies." (Spence, Richard B. 2008. Secret Agent 666: Aleister Crowley, British Intelligence and the Occult.)

"When World War I began in 1914 Crowley was living in the United States. There he posed as an Irish revolutionary to infiltrate pro-German groups and engage in black propaganda on behalf of Britain’s SIS (Secret Intelligence Service or MI6) or the NID (Naval Intelligence Department)." (SECRET AGENT 666)

Crowley was a freemason, but freemasons claim he was not an important freemason. (ALeister Crowley: Freemason!)

In 1920, Crowley, along with Leah Hirsig, founded an abbey in Sicily.

"Stories of depraved sexual acts at the abbey quickly began to circulate." (Channel 4: Masters of Darkness)

A goat was sacrificed while penetrating Leah.

Crowley and Leah had a child.

The child died. Leah had a nervous breakdown.

Raoul Loveday, one of Crowley's disciples, died after drinking the blood of a cat.

Crowley reportedly ate "shit off an altar - which his mistress, Leah Hirsig, had pooped for him!" (Wicca Turns 50 -- Sex-Crazed Satanic Roots of a New Religion )

The temple was disbanded.

Many of Crowley's former disciples went mad or committed suicide.

Leah turned to prostitution.

In 1922, Crowley published his Diary of a Drug Fiend.

Mussolini had Crowley deported in 1923.

During World War II, Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond books and one time British intelligence officer, proposed using Crowley.

Reportedly, this was to help MI5 supply Nazi Rudolf Hess with fake horoscopes.

Fleming suggested using Crowley as an interrogator.

According to a review (SECRET AGENT 666) of Richard Spence's "SECRET AGENT 666: Aleister Crowley, British Intelligence and the Occult In World War II":

In the 1930s Crowley "became friendly with Maxwell Knight, the assistant director of the Security Service (MI5), Ian Fleming, the assistant-director of Naval Intelligence who later penned the James Bond spy novels, and Dennis Wheatley, the occult thriller writer who served on Winston Churchill’s top-secret planning committee for total warfare.

"When war broke out in 1939, Spence says that Crowley was interviewed by the NID (Naval Intelligence) and in his diary he recorded that the meeting went 'as satisfactory as could be expected.'

"When a combined NID/SIS sting operation managed to lure the top Nazi Rudolf Hess to Britain on his ill-fated ‘peace mission’ in 1941, Commander Ian Fleming of NID suggested to his superiors that he should be interviewed by Crowley.

"It is claimed in this book that Crowley did in fact interview Hess several times at a secret MI5 interrogation centre at Ham Common in south London." (Michael Howard in New Dawn. SECRET AGENT 666)

Crowley died in a Hastings boarding house in 1947 at the age of 72.

Crowley wrote (A History of Homoerotica):

"Yes, thou art dead.
Thy buttocks now
Are swan-sort, and thou sweatest not;
And hast a strange desire begot
In me, to lick thy bloody brow..."

Lon Milo Duquette wrote in his 1993 work The Magick of Aleister Crowley that:

"Crowley ... did not — I repeat not — perform or advocate human sacrifice." (Aleister Crowley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Crowley wrote: "It would be unwise to condemn as irrational the practice of devouring the heart and liver of an adversary while yet warm.

"For the highest spiritual working one must choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force; a male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory." ("Of the Bloody Sacrifice and Matters Cognate." Book Four Part III, Magick in Theory and Practice, Chapter 12. (Aleister Crowley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Robert Anton Wilson in The Final Secret of the Illuminati interpreted 'the child' as a reference to genes in sperm. (Aleister Crowley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Crowley's "Preface to Sepher Sephiroth", 1911 [83], originally published in Equinox 1:8. contains a statement of Crowley's belief in the blood libel against the Jews [84]:

"Human sacrifices are today still practised by the Jews of Eastern Europe, as is set forth at length by Sir Richard Burton in the MS. which the wealthy Jews of England have compassed heaven and earth to suppress [85], and evidenced by the ever-recurring Pogroms against which so senseless an outcry is made by those who live among those degenerate Jews who are at least not cannibals."

Crowley repeated his claim that Jews in Eastern Europe practice ritual child-murder in at least one later work. (Aleister Crowley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

According to Wikipedia (Aleister Crowley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia):

Crowley's image appears in the background of The Beatles album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. There has been speculation that the title track was referencing Crowley.

Crowley and his beliefs were the subject of testimony in the 1994 murder trial of Damien Echols, as shown in the documentary film Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills.

Ozzy Osbourne released a song titled "Mr. Crowley" on his solo album Blizzard of Ozz. A comparison of Crowley and Osbourne in the context of their media portrayals can be found in the Journal of Religion and Popular Culture.[106]

Author Robert Anton Wilson features Crowley as a main character in his 1981 novel Masks of the Illuminati.

Bruce Dickinson, singer with Iron Maiden, wrote the screenplay of Chemical Wedding (released in America on DVD as Crowley),which features Simon Callow as Oliver Haddo, the name taken from the Magician- villain character in the Somerset Maugham book "The Magician", and in turn inspired by Maugham's meeting with Crowley.

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page is a collector of Crowley items. He owns his clothing, manuscripts and ritual objects. During the 1970s Page bought Boleskine House, which also appears in the band's movie The Song Remains the Same.




Penny said...


and yet creepy...

Anonymous said...

Historian Dave MacPherson has written that the strict Plymouth Brethren would never drive a Ford or a Chevy! But he has spent far more time (more than 40 years) writing deadly serious things about the same PB's, the British cult Crowley slithered away from before forming his own cult. MacPherson, for example, has discovered that famous PB leader John Darby wasn't original on any important facet of dispensationalism but cleverly pirated his so-called "truths" including the pretribulation rapture from contemporaries of his known as the Irvingites (followers of erratic London preacher Edward Irving) - serious research that has placed MacPherson high up on that system's "most hated" list. For more info on the long covered up history of the same 179-year-old fringe-British doctrine, Google "The Unoriginal John Darby," "Edward Irving is Unnerving," "X-Raying Margaret," "Pretrib Rapture Diehards," "The Newest Pretrib Calendar," "Thieves' Marketing," "Appendix F: Thou Shalt Not Steal," "Thomas Ice (Bloopers)," "Wily Jeffrey," "Humbug Huebner," and "Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty." If you think this info is worthy of inquiry, it's a drop in the bucket compared with his bestselling, nonfiction, 300-page book "The Rapture Plot" which I obtained at Armageddon Books. MacPherson says that if one word can describe dispensationalism with its any-moment rapture it is "dishonesty" - and one wonders which ingredient in it was able to turn Crowley into such a monster. Perhaps you will discover it when reading "Plot."
Prof. Karl Meyer-Haus

Magnus Aronsson said...

Many of the things written are true, drugs, women, men etc but one thing is very wrong, Crowley was not a Satanist. Many may believe so because that is what different religious leaders of the Christian and Muslim world would tell you, this is all wrong because he is the prophet of the religon Thelema which has nothing to do with Satanism at all.

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