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In Scotland, the Lord Advocate, Elish Angiolini, said she "deplored" al Megrahi's attempt to challenge his conviction.

Is Angiolini one of the reasons why the reputation of Scottish Justice is in tatters?

Angiolini is responsible for prosecutions in Scotland.

Reportedly, the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission concluded that the Lockerbie judges reached an unreasonable verdict based on unreliable evidence. (Lockerbie bomber disputes conviction with new dossier)

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the Private Eye editor Ian Hislop and former shadow Scottish secretary Sir Teddy Taylor have written to the United Nations calling for a public inquiry into the Lockerbie bombing.

The letter to the UN General Assembly has also been signed by Jim Swire, who lost his daughter Flora on the Pan Am flight.

It has also been signed by Professor Robert Black, one of the architects of the Scottish court that convicted al-Megrahi of the bombing.

Both Dr Swire and Prof Black believe Megrahi is innocent

The letter calls for the inquiry to investigate allegations of tampering with evidence, the withholding of evidence from the defence counsel and the harassment of potential witnesses.

A spokeswoman for the Scottish Government said it supported the conviction and had released as much relevant information as possible. (Megrahi: I'll persuade Scots I'm not guilty)

The Scottish Government is controlled by the CIA?

Elish Frances Angiolini QC, from Govan in Glasgow, was born as Elish Frances McPhilomy.

She married Domenico Angiolini.


In 1788 Lord Braxfield was the leading judge in Scotland.

He believed that "Government in this country is made up of the landed interest, which alone has a right to be represented".

He "invented a crime of unconscious sedition" [2].

A famous quote of his in this respect was "Let them bring me prisoners, and I will find them law"

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