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Police officer said that he planted the Lockerbie bomb timer fragment


There is evidence supporting the idea that the CIA carried out the Lockerbie bombing.

"An unnamed former senior Scottish police officer said that he had planted the (bomb timer) fragment at the crash site by order of the CIA." - Lockerbie: The Real Cover Up

A former Scottish police chief has given lawyers a signed statement claiming that key evidence in the Lockerbie bombing trial was fabricated. CIA Involvement: Police chief: Lockerbie evidence was faked

Ulrich Lumpert a Swiss engineer who was "a crucial witness" has now confessed that he lied about the origins of a timer switch.

Recently, Lumpert gave a sworn declaration to a Swiss court, which read "I stole a prototype MST-13 timing device" and "gave it without permission on June 22, 1989 to a person who was officially investigating the Lockerbie affair". - From Gulf News, 4 September 2007

What was found at Lockerbie?

According to historian Lisa Pease: "Drugs. Heroin, to be exact.

"Additionally, locals were perturbed by the immediate presence of large numbers of Americans who showed up in Lockerbie within a couple of hours of the downing of the plane...

"Among the victims was ... U.S. Army Major Charles McKee, a Defense Intelligence Agency employee who had been assigned temporarily to the CIA.

"McKee had been accompanied by four others that were later identified as CIA men: Matthew Gannon, the CIA’s Beirut Deputy Station Chief; Ronald Larivier, Daniel O’Connor, and Bill Leyrer..."

In Frankfurt, "during the loading of bags, a BKA (German federal police) agent noticed a bag that looked different than the usual drug bags.

"Since he was on alert for a potential bomb, he notified CIA-1 (a CIA team), which again passed that information to its control.

"The report (made for PanAm) said, 'Control replied: don’t worry about it, don’t stop it, let it go.'

"The report said CIA-1 gave no instructions to BKA, and BKA did nothing to stop the bag.

"In one of its most startling allegations, the report said, 'The BKA was then covertly videotaping that area on that day. A videotape was made. It shows the perpetrator in the act. It was held by BKA. A copy was made and given to CIA-1. The BKA tape has been ‘lost.’ However, the copy exists at CIA-1 control in the U.S'..."

In 1990, ABC and NBC did reports on a drug ring link to the bombing.

"Time magazine ... stated ... that McKee was heading back to Washington to expose the CIA unit’s operations with the drug dealers."

The London government apparently wanted Megrahi released.

The Cabinet Office has released papers which show that Lord Jones, a trade minister, visited Tripoli in May 2008.

In November 2008 Dawn Primarolo, a health minister, held talks with the Libyan prime minister and the Secretary of the General People’s Committee.

Health Minister Alan Johnson met Libyan health ministers in Geneva in 2008.

Bill Rammell, the Foreign Office Minister, talks with foreign ministers in the Libya in February 2009. - Four Labour ministers met Libyans before bomber's release

On 16 August 2009, top journalist Nick Cohen wrote in The Observer in the UK:

"When I boarded the late train from Euston on 21 December 1988, I felt I was living in two worlds simultaneously. The news editor had told me get to Lockerbie fast."

Reportedly, Nick Cohen is a Zionist.

Perhaps his job has been to spread disinformation about Lockerbie ever since 1988?

Richard Ingrams's Week: He may be obsessive.

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33_hertz said...

For an account of Lockerbie that alleges the use of a missile to bring the PanAm flight down and reports of 8 survivors allowed to die of hypothermia, here is a link to an audio file by Dean Warwick:

Scroll down to "Intelligence Whistleblower".

He also gives his views on missing children.

(The "Starfire" ritual or "Royal Vampirism", he describes, came to light in 2004 with the publication of Nicholas de Vere's The Dragon Legacy)

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