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Lord Milo Douglas, the Bin Ladens and Gay Affairs.

Milo worked with Action Against Hunger "and he was one of the most polite, down-to-earth and kind people one could ever hope to meet." ( death from council block)

David Harrington Angus Douglas, 12th Marquess of Queensberry, has had 8 children, including:

1. Ambrose Carey (illegitemate).

Ambrose Jonathan Carey (b. 1961), head of a British security and intelligence firm, whose half-sister Caroline Carey (b. 1959), married the late Salem bin Laden, prior head of the global Bin Laden family corporation.[3][4]

2. Sholto Francis Guy Douglas, Viscount Drumlanrig (born 1 June 1967), legitimated by decision of Lord Lyon when his parents married.

3. Lord Milo Douglas (1975-2009)

On 3 August 2009, we learnt that Lord Milo Douglas, second in line to the title of Marquess of Queensberry, had died suddenly at the age of 34.

(Tormented lord 'jumps to his death from council block'?)

Drumlanrig Castle, ancient Douglas stronghold and Dumfriesshire home of the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry, was completed in 1691.

Milo had worked as a teacher and later as a charity worker.

His body was found on the pavement outside a nine-storey block a few miles from his home.

Reportedly, Milo had a problem with bi-polar disorder.

Reportedly, Milo had attended a dinner party the night before his death, which ended in an angry row.

Reportedly, Milo was gay.

Wilde and Lord Alfred Douglas

Milo's ancestor, the homophobic and possibly gay ninth Marquess, invented the Queensberry Rules of boxing in the 19th century and began criminal proceedings against the gay Oscar Wilde.

Wilde was jailed for having a gay affair with the ninth Marquess's son - the gay Bosie, Lord Alfred Douglas.

Milo's stepsister Carrie Carey married two of Osama Bin Laden's brothers - Salem Bin Laden, and after Salem died in an air crash in 1988, Khaled bin Laden.

A recent biography of Oscar Wilde claims that Wilde's trial and imprisonment was a cover up for a gay affair between the UK Prime Minister, the Earl of Rosebery, and Viscount Drumlanrig.

( Source: )

The Secret Life of Oscar Wilde, by Neil McKenna, suggests that the prime minister, the Earl of Rosebery, had a gay relationship for over two years with Viscount Drumlanrig, the older brother of Wilde’s own lover, Lord Alfred Douglas.

McKenna told the Sunday Times that, “Oscar was sacrificed to save Rosebery and the Liberals.”

The book says that the Marquess of Queensbury, the father of Drumlanrig and Douglas, was so furious that both his sons were gay that he threatened to reveal the PM’s own homosexuality.

Wilde’s trial was rushed through in order to “buy off” Queensbury and save the PM’s reputation, although Queensbury later called him “a Jew nancy boy” and “that bloody bugger”.

The book also suggests that the relationship between Rosebery and Drumlanrig was instrumental to Drumlanrig being made the PM`s private secretary and eventually a Lord.

The Sunday Times quotes Philip Hoare, who has himself written a biography on Wilde, as saying that McKenna’s theory was realistic, as he believed Wilde had been a political pawn. “The Liberals saw Wilde, as it were, taking all this decadence to the suburbs. They needed to stop it.”

It also mentions Wilde’s grandson, Merlin Holland opinion that “Queensbury had lost one son to this ‘unmentionable vice’ and didn’t want another lost.”

Lord Alfred Douglas, Bosie.

Doug Ireland wrote (

"In 1892, not long after Bosie's love affair with Wilde had begun, Drumlanrig had become the lover of Lord Rosebery, the Liberal Party politician who had been Prime Minister Gladstone's foreign secretary before becoming prime minister himself in 1894.

"Rosebery had arranged for his lover Drumlanrig to be given a peerage in 1893, so that he could sit in the House of Lords and assume a junior ministerial role.

"But the Marquis of Queensberry - whose right to sit in the Lords had been lost (and thus, his political career thwarted) when, as a Scots Peer, he'd refused to swear the oath of allegiance to Queen Victoria - took the gift of a peerage to his older son as a deliberate insult.

"He developed a white-hot anger at Rosebery and the Liberal Party elite.

"This anger became uncontrollable rage when Drumlanrig committed suicide the year before Wilde's trials to save his lover Lord Rosebery from exposure."

Treaty of Union, joining Scotland and England.

James Douglas, 2nd Duke of Queensberry was very influential in bringing about the Treaty of Union in 1707.

The same evening the 2nd Duke was signing the Act of Union, his son, the Earl of Drumlanrig, is said to have roasted a servant boy on a spit in an oven in the kitchens of his house in Edinburgh. (Cached Cached)

Salem bin Laden

Who was Salem bin Laden? (The bin Laden Family)

Quoting a French intelligence report posted by PBS Frontline, The New Yorker reports, “During the nineteen-eighties, when the Reagan administration secretly arranged for an estimated $34 million to be funneled through Saudi Arabia to the Contras in Nicaragua, [Osama’s eldest brother] Salem bin Laden aided in this cause.” [PBS Frontline, 2001; New Yorker, 11/5/2001]

According to : :

"Like his father in 1968, Salem died in a 1988 air Texas... According to one of the plane's American pilots, it had been used in October 1980 during secret Paris meetings between US and Iranian emissaries. Nothing was ever proven, but Salem bin Laden's accidental death revived some speculation that he might have been "eliminated" as an embarrassing witness."


"Osama's oldest brother, Salem, by most accounts a debonair and Westernized figure, who had attended Millfield, the English boarding school, took over the family empire. Salem brought the family into the modern world; he was, one American friend says, 'as at home in London and Paris as he was in Jidda.'

"A former United States diplomat in Saudi Arabia says, 'I used to call him the playboy of the Western world.' An enthusiastic amateur rock guitarist, Salem loved to jam with bands and go disco dancing when he was in the United States on business trips, in the nineteen-seventies. He was married to an English art student, Caroline Carey, whose half brother Ambrose is the son of the Marquess of Queensberry...

"During the nineteen-eighties, when the Reagan Administration secretly arranged for an estimated thirty-four million dollars to be funnelled through Saudi Arabia to the Contras, in Nicaragua, Salem bin Laden aided in this cause, according to French intelligence."


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