Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Baghdad is victorious!

Why were the USA and UK in Iraq?

China has been granted a license to develop Iraq’s largest known oilfield.

"The three largest Chinese oil companies are already gearing up to bid for 11 other oil and gas field contracts in Iraq that will be auctioned off later this year."

American forces have now departed from all Iraqi cities.

As the Americans left there were chants of "Out, America, Out!" and "America has left! Baghdad is victorious!"

Was the UK in Iraq simply to kill Iraqis?

The UK defence secretary has agreed to a new investigation into the deaths of 20 Iraqis in Basra in 2004.

UK concedes new Basra death probe

The UK government had told a court that the dead were killed on the battlefield.

But it admits that it has failed to provide enough evidence of this to the court.

"(The government is proposing) an investigation of the murder of Iraqi detainees... and specific allegations by five Iraq nationals of ill-treatment."

It has been alleged that Iraqi civilians were detained following "the battle of Danny Boy" - a clash between British soldiers and Iraqis near the town of Al Majar-al-Kabir, in Maysan Province, on 14 May 2004.

Lawyers for five Iraqis have produced evidence supporting allegations the captives were taken to British base Camp Abu Naji, where they were tortured, murdered, and their bodies mutilated.


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