Tuesday, June 09, 2009

More than meets the eye

Berlusconi (right)

For some time now, much of Europe has been, to some degree, rather fascist.

Remember the Greek colonels, who acted like typical fascists?

Remember Operation Gladio which reportedly involved acts of terrorism carried out by agents of European governments?

Remember Herr Tony Blair's invasion of Iraq?

The Guardian asks "Is fascism on the march again?"

The answer is no.

Fascism is already here.

Although there are signs of hope.

In Cornwall, in the UK, the nationalists beat 'fascist' Labour into sixth place.


He "has seven other villas in Sardinia, another one in Antigua, countless mansions in Rome and Milan, but Villa Certosa is the measure of all things. - Berluscoland, Italy's Bohemian Grove

Fascist China

Computer makers in China have been instructed to pre-install blocking software on every PC hard drive from next month. - China orders PC makers to install blocking software

Plymouth and Jersey

"Police have arrested a 39-year-old nursery worker in Plymouth in connection with the distribution of indecent images of children. It follows a raid on the woman's home and Little Ted's nursery in the city." - Woman quizzed in child porn probe

"Plymouth-based frigate HMS Chatham sailed to Jersey and Guernsey. "Highlight of the visit for eight prize-winning Jersey and Guernsey children was a VIP tour of the ship and lunch with the commanding officer." - Jersey in the news

Is there more to the death of Frank McGarahan (above) than meets the eye?

We are told that amateur boxers beat millionaire Frank McGarahan to death

But, eye-witnesses initially said they felt a knife had been used. This was later ruled out by Norfolk police. - Background to killing

At 3 am, on 28 September 2008, Frank McGarahan, 45, was assaulted outside the Spearmint Rhino lap-dancing club, in Norwich in the UK, and later died.

Daniel Hopsicker ('COCAINE ONE' BUST LIFTS VEIL ON GLOBAL NARCOTICS CARTEL) refers to: "Bradford Keiller, a Las Vegas Strip club entrepreneur with a tastefully named string of strip clubs in London, Moscow, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, all called The Spearmint Rhino." - DEATH OF A BANKER

This is Gary McKinnon, whom the 'fascist' US government want extradited to the USA.

The UK should tell the US government that the special relationship is ended.

Jacqui Smith made 'flawed decision' on hacker's US extradition


US $ as Reserve currency about to be dumped?

Shell will pay $15.5m to settle Nigerian human rights lawsuit

Edu-babble is turning pupils into ‘customers’

Do Not Read if You're Fond of Edinburgh


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