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On 30 June 2009, the BBC news website tells us about the London Tube Bombing film, entitled 7/7 Ripple Effect.

Unmasking the mysterious 7/7 conspiracy theorist

According to the BBC, 7/7 Ripple Effect "accuses former prime minister Tony Blair, the government, the police and the British and Israeli security service of murdering the innocent people who died that day, in order to shore up support for the 'war on terror'".

"The video has become an internet hit...

"A host of internet films now claim the government account is a deception.

"7/7 Ripple Effect, released two years after the attacks, goes much further than just posing questions.

"The narrator alleges the four men blamed for the bombings were in fact fall guys in a government plot to win support for the war on terror; they were tricked into travelling to London with rucksacks on that day.

"CCTV that shows them arriving in London was supposedly just to incriminate them. The film claims that they were not on the trains that blew up.

"It's alleged the three men blamed for the Tube bombings were in fact murdered by police at Canary Wharf, after government agents set off pre-planted explosives to frame them...

"On 7 July 2005, there was a mock exercise preparing for a possible terror attack on the London underground, with a very similar scenario to what happened - three London stations...

"The Conspiracy Files 7/7, a BBC documentary, tracked down (the author of 7/7 Riple Effect) eventually finding him in the small town of Kells in Ireland. He is in fact John Hill, from Sheffield...

"John Hill has now been arrested and is facing extradition to the UK on a charge of perverting the course of justice for sending DVDs of 7/7 Ripple Effect to the judge and jury foreman in a trial linked to the attacks.

"This hasn't stopped his film. Alex Jones, who runs an internet site and a US radio show devoted to conspiracy theories, claims that 7/7 Ripple Effect has been 'just exploding all over the web' since Hills' arrest...

A selection of comments on the BBC website appears below.

I have seen this film and the fact that the government has seen fit not to order a public inquiry into the worst terrorist attack on London since the IRA ceased hostilities is puzzling and disturbing in itself. Crackpot or not, the film comes across as credible and does pose some serious questions which of course have never been answered. The execution of JC de Menezes also adds to the disquiet and I wish I could say that the arrest of the film maker comes as a surprise.
Logan McGeary, London

Well, I'm not into conspiracy theories but it happens to be completely true that the security services in both New York on 9/11 and London on 7/7 were running mock terrorist attack exercises. Make of that what you will.
Mike, Corby

We need an inquiry, more than that, we deserve an inquiry. It's absence is indicative of a government that has become utterly obsessed with secrecy, despite all of it's empty promises and hot-air about 'transparency'. An inquiry would take the wind out of the sails of extremist conspiracy-theorists, but, time after time, the government tells us that we have no right to know why our fellow Britons were blown up and killed. Are they, perhaps, scared that an inquiry would establish, for once and for all, that those attacks were a direct response to the foreign policy of Blair?
Dr Michael Swann, Thurso, Scotland

It is interesting that both the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks occurred at times when the political leader of the nation was suffering in public opinion, and that both these attacks have enabled the governments involved to introduce draconian measures in the name of "security". Whilst I do not actually believe that the governments were directly involved in either of these attacks (or at least I pray they were not), I am not so sure that they did not consciously ignore critical intelligence and thus allow the events to come to pass.
Bryan Wallbridge, Boston, Lincolnshire


INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

The fact that there are two programmes of exactly the same flavour on UK terrestial at exactly the same time today, see C4 re:Mumbai, is ceremony and ritual.

We will learn nothing from these programmes and only blunt our discernment.

The fact that the latest UK defence review is so concerned with multiple Mumbai type attacks within UK tells us a great deal about the overall ceremonial planned.

Heads up.

Icenirising said...

I for one am quite pleased at the poor attempt to debunk the conspiracy theories, the bbc claimed the still photo with the railings in front of one of the bombers was a result of stopping poor quality cctv, then don't show a still, show the actual footage as they managed to conveniently after four years showing them together in london,have you seen the different images of bin laden over the years?
They also failed very obviously to explain the explosion that ripped through the floor of the train, the rehearsals earlier on in june, the tour of parliament,let alone the activites of the bombers, return tickets? parking tickets on their cars? etc etc.
Typically, thankfully poor attempt to label free thinkers with a now maybe slightly looney film maker and discredit further by using obviously biased victims.
Methinks Bliar's a worried man

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