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The Palestinians are most likely the original Jews.

Most of the Jews in Israel are not the original Jews of the Bible, but people who converted to the Jewish religion.

Most of the Jews in Israel are descended from people in countries such as Germany, Georgia, Ukraine, Yemen, and Morocco who were not originally Jewish.

The Palestinians are most likely the original Jews.

Schlomo Sand, professor of history at Tel Aviv university, wrote about the Zionist myth at Le Monde Diplomatique, in September 2008.

(Zionist nationalist myth of enforced exile: Israel deliberately forgets its history)

Among the points made by Professor Sand:

1. In 70 AD, the Jews were allegedly exiled and went to live in countries such as Yemen, Morocco, Spain, Germany, Poland and Russia.

2. At the end of the 19th century, people claiming to be Jews began to talk about setting up a Jewish state.

3. Is the Bible historically accurate?

The first modern Jewish historians, such as Isaak Markus Jost (1793-1860) and Leopold Zunz (1794-1886), did not think so.

They saw the stories of the Old Testament as being useful parables.

4. During the 1980s there were new discoveries in archaeology.

The story of the 13th century BC exodus was shown to be a myth.

Moses could not have led the Hebrews out of Egypt into the Promised Land, because the Promised land was Egyptian territory at the time.

The archaeologists say there is no trace of either a slave revolt against the Egyptian empire or of a sudden conquest of Canaan by outsiders.

Nor is there any trace or memory of the Biblical kingdom of David and Solomon.

5. The Kingdom of Israel was a tiny little place.

6. Were the Jews exiled in 70 AD?

The Romans never exiled any nation from anywhere on the eastern seaboard of the Mediterranean.

The Jewish population of Judea continued to live on their lands after 70AD.

Some converted to Christianity in the 4th century, while the majority became Moslems during the 7th century.

Most Zionist thinkers were aware of this.

Yitzhak Ben Zvi, later president of Israel, and David Ben Gurion, Israel's first prime minister, accepted it.

Both stated on several occasions that the Palestinians were the descendants of the Jewish inhabitants of ancient Judea.

So, the Palestinians are the real Jews.

7. So, what about the people in Europe and elsewhere who claimed to be Jews?

From the 2nd century BC onwards, many people were forcibly converted to the Jewish religion.

Many Europeans, Africans and Asians were converted to Judaism.

For example, in the 1st century AD, in Kurdistan, there was the Jewish kingdom of Adiabene.

In the 5th century, in Yemen, a Jewish kingdom emerged.

Arab chronicles tell of North African berber tribes becoming Jewish, during the 7th century.

8. In the 8th century, the most important mass conversion took place.

This was in the huge Khazar kingdom between the Black and Caspian seas.

Judaism spread from the Caucasus into the Ukraine, then into Eastern Europe, and on to Germany. The Yiddish culture of Europe involved people who had converted to the Jewish religion.

9. The Israeli forces who seized Jerusalem in 1967 may have been descendents of Germans, Yemenis, Berbers or Khazars.


At Haaretz, on 21 March 2008, Ofri Ilani wote about shattering a 'national mythology'.

Shattering a 'national mythology' - Haaretz - Israel News

Ilani refers to Dahia al-Kahina, a leader of the Berbers in the Aures Mountains.

Al-Kahina was the daughter of a Berber tribe that had converted to Judaism.

According to the Tel Aviv University historian, Prof. Shlomo Sand, author of "Matai ve'ech humtza ha'am hayehudi?" ("When and How the Jewish People Was Invented?"), the queen's tribe and other local tribes are the main sources from which Spanish Jewry sprang.




Stephen Morgan said...

4: The exodus is in fact well established. Egyptian records only refer to the Jews as having been wiped out by Pharoahs armies. Believe them if you want. During the Eighteenth dynasty rule of Akhenaton one of the foreign-policy issues he refused to face was the collapse of the Egyptian empire in the middle east, including a letter he received in Akhetaten from one of his governors about attacks from a people called the HBR or Hibiru. Scholars arbitrarily deny these are the Hebrews. See Secrets of Lost Races by Rene Noorbergen.

6: History is also quite clear on the fate of the Jews after 70AD. Jerusalem was razed and replaced by a Roman colonia. A large number of Jews were exiled but there were still enough for two more major rebellions in the next century.

The Palestinians arrived later, the so-called sea-peoples of the Nineteenth dynasty contained a group called Pelest by the Egyptians and this is probably them, they're not the Punic Canaanites.

Anon said...

Dear Stephen,

Many thanks for your comment.

In 70AD some Jews may have left but most apparently remained. I suppose it's a question of how many. Schlomo Sand believes that after 70AD "apart from enslaved prisoners, the population of Judea continued to live on their lands." Sand states that "the Romans never exiled any nation from anywhere on the eastern seaboard of the Mediterranean."

Kindest regards


w said...

As usual an inspiring post!

Sir, if Jews believe the land of Palestine is promised them by G_d because the Bible says so, then they must believe the following also from the Bible:

The very first book of the Bible — Genesis — provides us with the proof that Jews are the sons and daughters of incest. Open
chapter 38 and read.

We are given here the history of Judah, the father of the Jewish race, from whom we derive the names "Judea" and "Judaism."
This patriarch of the Jews Judah got married and God granted him three sons, Er, Onan and Shelah.
When the first-born was big enough,
Judah had him married to a Jewish lady called Tamar."BUT ER, JUDAH'S FIRST-BORN WAS WICKED IN THE SIGHT OF THE LORD; AND THE LORD SLEW HIM.''(Genesis

According to Jewish custom, if a brother died and left no offspring, it was the duty of the other brother to give "seed" to his sisters-in-law so that the deceased's name might be perpetuated. Judah, in honour of this custom, orders his second son Onan to do his duty. But Jealousy enters his heart. It will be his seed but the name will be his brother's! So at the critical moment: "HE SPILLED IT ON THE GROUND . . . AND THE THING HE DID DISPLEASED THE LORD: WHEREFORE HE SLEW HIM ALSO." (Genesis 38:9-10).
Onan is forgotten in the "Book of God," but Jewish sexologists have immortalized him by referring to "coitus interruptus," as Onanism in their pornography. "ONANISM" is now immortalized in the Oxford Dictionary too.

Now Judah tells his daughter-in-law, Tamar, to return to her father's house until his third son Shelah attains manhood, when she will be brought back so that he can do his duty.

Shelah grows up and is, perhaps, married to another woman. But Judah had not fulfilled his obligation to Tamar. Deep in his heart he is terrified. He has already lost two sons on account of this "witch,"
So Judah conveniently forgets his promise. The aggrieved young lady resolves to take revenge on her father-in-law for depriving her of her "seed" right. Tamar learned that Judah is going to Timnath to sheer his sheep. She plans to get even with him on the way. She forestalls him, and goes and sits in an open place en route to Timnath.

When Judah sees her, he thinks she is a harlot because she has covered her face. He comes up to her and proposes:
Tamar asks:
He promises that he would send her a goat kid from his flock. What guarantee could she have that he would send it? What guarantee did she require, Judah queried. "His ring, his bracelet and his staff" is the ready answer. The old man hands these possessions to her, and...

Three months later, as things were bound to turn out, news reached Judah that his daughter-in-law, Tamar, had played the "harlot" and that she was with "CHILD BY WHOREDOM AND JUDAH SAID, BRING HER FORTH, AND LET HER BE BURNT." (Genesis 38:24).

Judah had deliberately spurned her as a "witch" and now he sadistically wants to burn her. But this wiley Jewess was one up on the old man.

She sent the "ring," the "bracelet," and the "staff'' with a servant, beseeching her father-in-law to find the culprit responsible for her pregnancy.

Judah was in a fix.

He confessed that his daughter-in-law was more "RIGHTEOUS" than himself, and "HE KNEW HER AGAIN NO MORE." (verse 26).


I do not want to bore you with details, but the end verses of Genesis 38 deal with a duel in Tamar's womb: about the twins struggling for ascendancy.

The Jews were very meticulous about recording their "first borns." The first born always got the lion's share of their father's patrimony. Who are the lucky winners in this prenatal race?

There are four in this unique contest. They are "PHAREZ and ZARAH of TAMAR by JUDAH.''

All these characters are honoured in the "Book of God" for their bastardy.

They become the great grandfathers and great grandmothers of the Jews (old Testament)and sadly of the "only begotten son of God'See Matthew 1:3. (New test.)
Read the rest with links etc...

The above is not meant to insult any religion but are 'biblical facts' You can't have your cake and eat it too. Some people might be wondering where I'm getting at. Simply this: THE ACID TEST. If the 'Biblical Land' belong/ed to the Jews "according to the Bible" then the inhabitants of this "Promised Land" are not the 'Chosen of G_d' as they claim but the 'accursed of G_d' since they are 'the progeny of incest' according to their own bible.

Lastly (Sorry if comment is too long) according to DOUGLAS REED-
"Judah, from which today's Zionism comes down, was a tribe of ill repute. Judah sold his brother Joseph, the most beloved son of Jacob-called-Israel, to the Ishmaelites (Arabs) for twenty pieces of silver (as Judas, the only Judean among the disciples, much later betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver), and then founded the tribe in incest, (Genesis 37-38). The priestly scribes who wrote this Scriptural account centuries afterwards had made themselves the masters of Judah and as they altered the oral tradition, whenever it suited them, the question prompts itself: why were they at pains to preserve, or possibly even to insert, this attribution of incestuous beginnings and a treacherous nature to the very people who, they said, were the chosen of God? The thing is mysterious, like much else in the Levitical Scriptures, and only the inner sect could supply an answer."

"Anyway, those Scriptures and today's authorities agree about the separateness of "Israel" and "Judah". In the Old Testament Israel is often called "the house of Joseph", in pointed distinction from "the house of Judah". The Jewish Encyclopaedia says, ''Joseph and Judah typify two distinct lines of descent" and adds (as already cited) that Judah was "in all likelihood a non-Israelitish tribe". The Encyclopaedia Britannica says that Judaism developed long after the Israelites had merged themselves with mankind, and that the true relationship of the two peoples is best expressed in the phrase, "The Israelites were not Jews". Historically, Judah was to survive for a little while and to bring forth Judaism, which begat Zionism. Israel was to disappear as an entity, and it all came about in this way:" Read the rest if you wish
God bless

Tyrone Ferrara said...

Dear Friend,

Right. I too believe that the Jews in Israel are not the original Jews of the Bible, but are the people who converted to the Jewish religion. However, I like to comment on a few of your points.

#3 & 4 If you don't believe in the history of the Bible, then who are you the original Jews.

#6 Jesus said that the Jews would be led away captive into ALL the nations (Luke 21:24).

Jesus said that Jerusalem will be occupied by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled, until second coming of Jesus (Luke 21:24-27).

Not to change the subject, but now it is high time to awake out your sleep: for the second coming of Jesus nearer than I once believed. For it appears that times of the Gentiles is just about complete.

Anonymous said...

I 'always wondered about that'! That, 'all of it is 'nothing but, a "land grab"! And, 'nothing more'!

I never had a problem with 'the 3 camps', UNTIL, "The GAZA Conflict"!
'Get Out Of Your House In Less Than 15 Minutes'!

And then be "Rained on with White Hot Phosphorus, on You & Your Children"! So very, Very, VERY "CONDEMNED & ABOMINABLE"!

And 'Some', "EVEN With SOULS"!
(Yet, I Suppose, with all the,
"Know it All's", I'd BEST, leave this up to "One's" from VENUS!)

Anonymous said...

Since Israel is nothing more than a USA military base, the evil the Israelis do is not reported in America. To find the truth, an American needs to listen to foreign news. One evening, I was watching the Mexican news in Texas. What I saw Israel do to the poor people of Gaza was truly evil. When I went to bed, I let God know that I was confused if Israelis are supposed to be God's holy people. I asked Him, " How can your holy people be so evil? At the same time, Lord, if these are truly your people, then erase what I just saw because I don't want offend or disrespect you." That night, the Lord gave me a dream where I was seeing an opened Bible. Brilliant light was coming out of the Bible and the words were bold. The Lord gave me the words to Jeremiah 25, and He answered my question. Jeremiah 25 says that "the people whom He dispersed all over the world, for their hurt, to be a byword, a curse, and a reproach to all nations, are His evil figs; so rotten that He cannot consume them. He says He will send the sword, the famine, and the pestilence among them, till they be consumed off the land that I gave to them and to their fathers. (Right there, the Lord answered my question. The land will never belong to those evil, dispersed Jews because God has not and God will never give the land to them.) On the other hand, in Jeremiah 25, God says that "He has good figs whom He will set His eyes on "for good." He will build them up and not pull them down; and He will plant them and not plunk them up. He will give them a heart to know Him; to be His people." ( Who are the original people whom God has never uprooted off the land of Palestine? Of course, these are the Palestinians : the true Jews, the true Holy remnant of God whom God has not uprooted off the Land of Palesine.) In Ezequiel 22:12, God disperses the Jews. Then,in Ezequiel 22:19-22 , God gathers the evil, dispersed Jews back to Jerusalem, only "to melt them in the midst and pour His fury on them." Also, in Ezequiel 38:2, God prophecizes against "God and Magog (Russia) who come against His people living in peace in Palestine. The majority of Israelis call themselves
"Ashkenazi Jews" because they imigrated from lands near Russia. In Genesis 10:2-3, Ashkenaz is a son of Magog (Russia.) Many people believe that modern-day Russia will come against modern-day Israel. I personlly believe that the "Ashkenazi Jews" of modern-day Israel are the Russians who already came against God's people living in peace in Palestine in (Eze. 38:11) "unwalled villages in 1940. Ezequiel 38: 18: "And it shall come to pass at the same time when Gog (Israeli Ashkenazi Jews) shall come against my people (Palestinians)that my fury shall come up in my face."

Born-Again Christian from the USA

Kubra said...

To the idiot you put this blog. I'm a Turk of Khazarian and Kipchak descent from Kazakhstan and those Jews don't descend from us, nor do they look like us. I searched on Ashkenazi Jewish DNA from a Palestinian Doctor/Scientis at Stratford University known as Dr. Nadia Al Zahery:

It shows that Ashkenazi Jews have the same DNA as Sephardic Jews/Mizrahi Jews and Palestinians. Some Ashkenazi Jews have a mix of Germanic and Slavic blood, NOT Turkic proving they aren't Khazars. Khazars like me and most Turks are Muslim. If you read the full history of Khazaria, those Khazar Kings who converted to Judaism were later defeated by the Arab armies in 11 CE and converted to Islam.

That is why Islamic scholars who met with the Khazars said that:
""By the end of the eighth century the Khazar capital, Itil', and other Khazar towns had mosques... The military guard of the Khagan were predominantly Muslim."

I myself am an Anti-Zionist but even the Arab and Islamic sources I provide here prove that Ashkenazi Jews are not Khazars nor do they belong to any Turkic group (Thank God) so I and many Turks especially Turkey do no appreciate desperate people throwing these people saying they belong to our people just because of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict that is just not right. I don't care what you believe they are but don't start with this bullshit by trying to steal our history with these lies.

Kubra Suleimanova said...

These are real Khazars:
They don't look, speak nor dress like Ashkenazi Jews.

Anon said...

Many thanks for all the comments, and the links.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

All of this history is great to learn. I have a few questions maybe someone can answer in reference to this subject.
1. At what time in history have Europeans had indigenous roots to lands outside of Europe?

2. Was Egypt actually called Kemet?

3. Is Palestine of Persian origin like Iran and Iraq could be why they want to help them I don't know?

4. Is it the case that the Romans and Persians warred on the eastern borders of Europe and the western borders of Asia minor and were enemies long before the crusades?

If Kemet or Egypt was seperated from Israel why
Did the Egyptian fight for in in the six/seven day war? A country that was never theirs? Doesn’t make sense?

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