Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama's orders leave torture, indefinite detention intact

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The USA continues to be a Nazi state, under its new president.

Torture and imprisonment without trial will continue.

Obama's orders leave torture, indefinite detention intact

Tom Eley, at WSWS, 23 January 2009, points out:


"The orders signed by Obama do not undo the Bush administration’s attacks on constitutional and international law.

1. "They do not challenge the supposed right of the president to unilaterally imprison any individual, without trial and without charges, by declaring him to be an 'enemy combatant.'"

2. "Nor do they end the procedure known as 'extraordinary rendition,' by which the United States during the Bush years kidnapped alleged terrorists and shipped them to foreign countries or secret CIA prisons outside the US, where they were subjected to torture.

3. "They do not affect the hundreds of prisoners - 600 at the Bagram prison camp in Afghanistan alone — incarcerated beyond the barbed wire of Guantanamo.

"If and when Guantanamo is closed, the US government will simply ship alleged terrorists caught up its international dragnet to other American-run prison camps."

4. "On the question of so-called 'harsh interrogation techniques,' i.e., torture, Obama’s orders leave room for their continuation.

"White House Counsel Gregory Craig told reporters the administration was prepared to take into account demands from the CIA that such methods be allowed.

"Obama announced the creation of a task force that will consider new interrogation methods beyond those sanctioned by the Army Field Manual, which now accepts 19 forms of interrogation, as well as the practice of extraordinary rendition..."


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geek said...

this is against human rights. how cruel of them, as if they're treating an animal.

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