Friday, January 30, 2009

Jewish control of Turkey?

Turkey's prime minister Erdogan.

Israel likes to control Turkey, but things may be changing.

In Turkey there has been a secret 'fascist' organisation called Ergenekon, which, reportedly, was originally set up by the CIA and its friends.

Ergenekon is reportedly behind most acts of terrorism in Turkey.

Reportedly, Mossad has influence within Ergenekon, and has tried to use it to topple the Turkish prime minister.

86 people, including retired generals, journalists and politicians, have been on trial. On 22 January 2009 a further 39 people (five of them serving army officers) were arrested. (Conspiracy theories )

The leaked diaries of a retired naval commander have revealed that some fellow officers (two of whom are now in jail for alleged links to Ergenekon) had plotted at least two coups against the present Turkish prime minister Mr Erdogan. (Conspiracy theories )

The military, and presumably Ergenekon, are said to be split into two factions. There are those who see the value of having links with neighbours Russia and Iran and those who oppose this. The latter faction want to keep close to Israel, the USA and Europe.

Turkish prime minister Recep Erdogan has recently blasted Israel for its attacks on Gaza.

Behind the scenes, one half of the military wants to continue its close ties to Israel.

In 1948, Turkey was among the first countries to recognise Israel. (Bad new vibrations )

Under a military co-operation deal in 1996, Israeli pilots have been training in Turkish skies.

In 2007, bilateral trade rose to $2.7 billion. Between 2006 and 2007, the number of Israelis visiting Turkey went up from 362,000 to 511,400—more than 7% of Israel’s population. (Bad new vibrations )

Should Turkey be friends with Israel, Russia, Iran, the USA...?

1. What is one to make of the arrests of Ergenekon people?

This may signal that Mossad and its friends have fallen out with certain Ergenekon generals.

It may signal that the Turkish government is fed up with Mossad and the CIA using Ergenekon to carry out acts of terrorism.

There may be a split within Ergenekon.

Why has Ergenekon been outed?

2. In early January 2009, the Turkish daily Milliyet stated that a report had found that "Mossad has been behind the Ergenekon plot to topple the Turkish government."

(Report: Mossad behind Ergenekon plots)

Fars news reported that Investigators uncovered evidence that a Jewish rabbi named Tuncay Guney, who worked for Mossad and fled to Canada in 2004, was a key figure behind attempts to overthrow the Turkish government.

Sabah daily reported that Guney infiltrated Ergenekon and another organization known as JITEM, an illegal intelligence unit linked with the police and suspected of hundreds of murders and kidnappings.

Turkish daily Yeni Safak has claimed that Turkish security forces have discovered documents in Guney’s Istanbul house that disclose information concerning suspicious investment and economic activities by certain Jewish businessmen in Turkey.

The businessmen allegedly have significant relations with individuals, political groups and cultural organizations affiliated with the Ergenekon group.

Turkish security forces have detained many members of the Ergenekon group, including retired army generals, politicians, popular lawyers and famous journalists. The individuals currently face trail on charges of plotting to overthrow Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

(Report: Mossad behind Ergenekon plots)

3. On 22 January 2009, Prof. Dr. Umit Ozdag stated that the United States is the real power behind the Ergenekon Operation in Turkey. (Nationalist Prof. Ozdag: The US is Behind the Ergenekon Operation)

Mr. Ozdag said "The US aims to establish a federal Turkey instead of unitary Turkish state".

Prof. Ozdag claimed that the European Union (EU) too makes efforts to shift Turkey's unitary state into an ethnic based federal Turkey state.

4. A report in Turkish Weekly, 23 January 2009, suggests that some Ergenekon people may have turned against the USA and Israel. (Ergenekon's Foreign Policy Guide)

According to a writer in Turkish Weekly:

"Most of the Ergenekon members are anti-Semitic.

"They claim that the MOSSAD has played a very dirty role in Turkish politics and aimed to divide the country into poles."

5. So, it would seem that Ergenekon's problems may be caused by a split within Ergenekon.

Israel may be outing anti-Israel members of Ergenekon; and anti-Israel members of Ergenekon may be outing pro-Israel members of Ergenekon.

Israel may have to find a new set of people to carry out its acts of terrorism.



Anonymous said...

Has any1 considered the theory that all of this was preplanned... including the fact that only the last minute of the entire event is now being shown on CNN and commented on by the U.S. 'media'?

Ridiculing the ridiculousness of Erdogan, and indirectly of Turks and Turkey...

Possibly in an attempt to turn this into a clash of religions, rather than a socio-political issue that it really is...

Maybe trying to push the Turks and Turkey into the corner of radical Islam, away from whatever moderate model still is left...

And obviously it is not to Israel's greater advantage to have the presence of a moderate Islam representative in the region...

What happens Next is more important than what has happened...

And showing scenes of hordes of Turks awaiting Erdogan at the airport in Istanbul only plays to the hand of the provocateurs....

Anon said...

Dear TT,

Many thanks for your thought-provoking comment.

There is a lot of interesting material at your blog:



Anonymous said...

Thank you Aangirfan...

I was led here by a friendly blogger. And you too have an interesting blog. I'll be following it.

Back to topic; I am sure everyone has their own take on the short term and obvious indications of the said event, but I am not really sure of the long term implications, although I have my opinionated ideas...


Then again, this might just turn out to be very insignificant...

But the message was lost due to the concentration on the messenger and his form of delivery..

The act became the focal point rather than the action...

Resistant to the ZOG said...

I am of Turkish origin myself and many of the corrupt politics that have been riddling for Turkey many years have been responsible due to the fact that there is full Jewish control over Turkey. First of all, many members of the Ergenekon network are Crypto-Jews and they do many illegal things like drug trafficing, organ harvesting, narcotics trafficing and kidnapping young kids from Turkish viilages. Also, the Grey Wolves terror group which operates in Europe is also ran by Crypto-Jews as well and they are one of the reasons why some Turkish diasporic communities have had trouble intergrating in the respective nations that they live in. Plus, even after Erdogan's brave stance at the Davos Summit, things will not change, because if Erdogan threatens to sever ties with Israel, he will automatically be desposed by military coup because some of the elements in the Turkish Military are Jewish and some generals of the Turkish army are Crypto-Jews like Ilker Basbug and Yasar Buyukanit.

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