Thursday, January 01, 2009


You don't have to support the Israeli government and its friends.

1. Michel Weksler said: "I was a tank commander in the Israeli military.

"I spent a month in jail because I refused to deploy to Gaza in 2002.

"I felt it was my duty to refuse 'clearly illegal' orders (an Israeli judicial term) and I think Israeli occupation practices are clearly illegal.

"It's noteworthy that the Israeli Supreme Court has continuously avoided hearing a refusenik case.

"The rocket attacks from Gaza are wrong, but it's ridiculous for Israel to pretend as if it is the victim in this vicious cycle. Israel has been violating international as well as Israeli law in how it is dealing with the Palestinians in the occupied territories.

"These people are in total legal limbo. They are not Israeli citizens, they don't have an independent state, and Israel is denying them their rights as occupied people under the Geneva Conventions.

"Olmert has been trying to cover this up recently by referring to the 'citizens of Gaza.' The people being bombed in Gaza are not citizens of anything and that's the crux of the problem: they are stateless people and that needs to end." - Israeli Military Refuseniks

Barack Obama, Gordon Brown, Angela Merkel and David Cameron are among the unpleasant people who support the killers of these children. Kick these nasty politicians out!

2. A list of the BAD GUYS includes ( list from Postman Patel here: Stop Bombing Gaza vigil .9 )

2008 - May 9 , Boris Johnson, Mayor of London I am delighted that one of my first acts as Mayor of London is to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the creation of Israel

2008 - May 7 , Gordon Brown, UK Prime Minister , I say to you today that Britain will continue to be a true and constant friend of Israel in good times and in bad.

2007 - November 2 , William Hague, UK Shadow Foreign Secretary We will always have strong economic and political ties with Israel. We will always be a friend of Israel.

Kick out this smirking Zionist.

2007 - June 5 , David Cameron, Leader of the UK Opposition I am a Zionist.

2006 - October 3 , David Cameron, Leader of the Opposition The Conservative Party is a true friend of Israel because we look at Israel and we see a democracy

2006 - October 3 , Liam Fox, Shadow Defence Secretary Israel’s enemies are our enemies

Never vote for these 'agents of a foreign power'.

"It is therefore Hamas ... who must answer to their own people, as to why they brought this destruction on Gaza." - Louise Ellman MP, Andrew Dismore MP, Andrew Gwynne MP, Eric Joyce MP, Baroness Meta Ramsay (Growing horror at the bloodletting in Gaza)

Never vote for these 'agents of a foreign power'.

3. "The only relatively humane way to destroy a modern nation state is to make it an outlaw, and institute 100% boycotts of it on all levels - no trade, no communications, no status in international law, no recognition of its citizens

"(after the bombing of a university in Gaza I never expect to hear complaints about the boycotting of Israeli academics).

"People will start to leave almost immediately - the world will face another Jewish refugee problem - and the entire country will be destroyed within a year. The Palestinians will then take back the land stolen from them. If Israel attempts to fight back madly - completely in character - the world will have to take collective military action to destroy it in the most humane way possible.

"I say this with great reluctance, but the world really has no choice. Israel is like a psychopath, one who is 'escalating'.

"Each outrage is worse than the last, and the Gaza attacks may be the worst war crime yet. Self-defense means that Israel has to be named the world's first habitual offender, and forfeit its right to statehood." - XYMPHORA permanent link

Samarra in Iraq

4. "Pollard discovered (this was before his personal decision to spy for Israel) that there was, in fact, a chemical weapons plant under construction there (in Samarra in Iraq)

"Pollard learned as well that Bechtel – the American construction giant for which Weinberger had served as general counsel and for which then-Secretary of State George Shultz had served as CEO – was facilitating the construction of the plant through a number of different companies.

Kadish, Pollard, van Anraat and how Uncle Sam (AKA Bechtel et al) provided Saddam with his WMD plant

5. Bankers Connected to Madoff's Ponzi Scheme Dying Strange Deaths

6. Israeli naval forces attack relief boat bound for Gaza from Cyprus

Congratulations.! "The heavens have given Bangladesh the victory of the right party, which Bangladesh needed, at this particular juncture."


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Anonymous said...

I find it so horrific to watch those scenes of young children and babies killed for no reason except that they are Arab Palestinians. They are the real people of the land, the Zionists are intruders. And the worse part of it all, is that the world watches and does nothing.
But one thing for sure, when the one chosen by Abram's God El Shaddai and it is time for the unrighteous to be killed, (not by men, but by the hand of God) then the meek will inherit the earth. Do not lose faith for El Shaddai is stronger than any Zionist murderer. In the future you will build and occupy, you will sit under your trees in peace and security. BELIEVE ME!
I pray for you with tears.

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