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Strategy of Tension in Algeria

There has been terrorism in Algeria for many decades.

According to an article entitled The Arc of Crisis various Nazis and spooks have been involved in Algeria.

Reportedly, what these Nazis and spooks believe in is a 'Strategy of Tension'.

Fascism thrives on terror.

From 1954 - 62, there was a war for independence in Algeria. Thousands died in acts of terror.

Reportedly, elements of the US and French governments supplied both sides in the conflict.

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The Arab Commercial Bank in Geneva was set up by Francois Genoud, a Swiss financier linked to the Nazis and certainIslamic groups.

Genoud had the help of Otto Skorzeny who had led a stay-behind Nazi organisation.

In 1958 the bank reportedly helped to provide arms and money to both sides of the war of Independence in Algeria.

Reportedly, several ex-Nazis helped the Algerians who were seeking independence. ( Beaudry, Pierre. “The Algeria Paradox: Will Bush or Kerry Learn a Lesson from Charles de Gaulle?” Executive Intelligence Review, June 18, 2004. )

Reportedly, Skorzeny became involved with the French Secret Army Organization (OAS), which tried to block President de Gaulle’s plans to give independence to Algeria.

Allen Dulles whose CIA Operation Paperclip assimilated Nazi scientists into the American establishment

Reportedly, the OAS was controlled by financier Pierre Guillain de Benouville, in cooperation with Allen Dulles of the CIA, Hitler’s Economics Minister Hjalmar Schacht and Genoud.

(Beaudry, Pierre. “The Algeria Paradox: Will Bush or Kerry Learn a Lesson from Charles de Gaulle?” Executive Intelligence Review, June 18, 2004.)

Reportedly, when Dulles was OSS Station Chief in Berne, Switzerland, he helped Genoud transfer Hitler money into Swiss bank accounts. (Henderson, Dean. “The Shah of Iran and David Rockefeller”. excerpted from Geopolitics: The Global Economy of Big Oil, Weapons and Drugs.)

Reportedly, elements of the OAS supported both sides in the war of independence in Algeria. Reportedly, François Mitterrand was part of this conspiracy.

Reportedly, Mitterand promoted the idea of the head of the OAS, Jacques Soustelle, becoming governor-general of Algeria.

Reportedly, the OAS linked up with Skorzeny, who trained elements of both the OAS and the FLN (those seeking independence).

Beginning in November 1954, the FLN launched attacks against the French.

Algeria’s Governor-General Soustelle ordered retaliation.

Thousands of Muslims were tortured and killed.

Algiers Casbah posted to Flickr as joyful street by jam-L

The war ended in 1962 and an FLN government took over.

By 1991, the FLN government was seen as being corrupt and unpopular.

In 1991, a Moslem party, the Islamic Salavation Front (FIS), was about to win the elections.

The FLN government cancelled the elections and effectively there was rule by the military.

It is believed that members of the security services, disguised as terrorists, then began to carry out acts of terrorism, in order to discredit the Islamic Salvation Front.

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1. In Algeria there is evidence that the 'terrorists' work for the security services.

These security services may be Algerian and / or French and / or American.

2. But the mainstream media wants us to think of al Qaeda.

Message from the CIA's Department of Disinformation? "Has bin Laden chosen Algeria as his launching pad to attack Europe?" - Algeria: al-Qaeda Connection/Huffington Post

"Algeria's present al-Qaida offshoot is known as Al-Qaida in Islamic North Africa. It grew out of the GSPC, the last extremist group left over from the bloody civil war, which joined Osama bin Laden's network in September 2006." - Al-Qaida claims responsibility for Algeria attacks

3. There is evidence from the past that the 'terrorists' worked for the French and Algerian security services.

The New Zealand Listener reported on the links between the security services and the 'Islamic terrorists' in Algeria.

'In recent years, firm evidence has begun to emerge from Algerian military sources and leading academics that the dreaded GIA has been – perhaps from the outset and certainly under Zitouni's bloody leadership – a dummy, or 'screen' organisation managed by French/Algerian counter-intelligence.' -,

4. Reportedly, the Algerian military, disguised as terrorists, were barbaric.

In February 2001, 'The Dirty War', by Habib Souaidia, a former Algerian army officer, was published.

It tells of the part played by the Algerian army in the killing of tens of thousands of Algerians.

Habib writes:"I have seen colleagues burn alive a 15-year-old child.

"I have seen soldiers disguising themselves as terrorists and massacring civilians.

"I have seen colonels kill mere suspects in cold blood.

"I have seen officers torture fundamentalists to death...." - Fake terror in Algeria; the US military in Algeria; oil in Algeria.

5. Some observers think the Algerian government, or a faction within the government, is to blame for the terror.

"Algerian officials defect and blame Algerian intelligence for sponsoring all the attacks." - How Algeria created their "aL Qaeda" cell

Some observers think that within the military there is a pro-Russian faction and a pro-American/French faction.

The most likely explanation for recent events is that the bombs are meant to strengthen the pro-American/French faction.

6. How strong is the American interest in Algeria?

The United States is building a huge military surveillance base at Tamanrasset in Algeria.

US forces are training the Algerian military.

Washington wants to provide Algiers with pilot-less drone planes.

This military base is a result of agreements signed between Washington and Algiers for oil industry development.

In addition, the United States has worked to include Algeria in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and considers this North African country one of its most important allies outside of NATO. - Fake terror in Algeria; the US military in Algeria; oil in Algeria.



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