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Robert Peston, who is Jewish, is a friend of Gordon Brown. (Cached)

In 2005, Peston wrote a biography of Gordon Brown. In 2005 Peston became BBC Business Editor.

"It is believed that Peston has used the relationship then built up with Brown for many of his later financial news story 'scoops' at the BBC." (Robert Peston - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

According to The Mail on Sunday, 21 September 2008, speculators made a £190million profit from HBOS shares in the two minutes of trading immediately before news of HBOS's rescue was made public by Robert Peston.

Before Peston's 9am broadcast, HBOS shares had dipped to a low of 88p.

In the hour after Peston's broadcast, the price rose to 215p, giving the speculators huge instant profits.

In two deals between 8.57pm and 8.58pm, buyers bought more than 20million HBOS shares at 96p.

There is a suspicion of a leak of information to the speculators.

Keith Skeoch, chief executive of Standard Life Investments, said: 'Someone was in possession of information and that information was leaked which caused a movement in HBOS's share price."

There is speculation over who leaked the news of Lloyds TSB's takeover bid to Mr Peston.

Was a certain group plotting the downfall of Bank of Scotland (HBOS)?



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