Saturday, September 13, 2008

Retreating Empire

At Axis of Logic there is an article entitled: Masters of Defeat: Retreating Empire and Bellicose Bluster.

Some quotes:

"While the Iraqi and Afghan resistance has imposed almost a trillion dollar cost on the US Treasury and tied down over 2 million rotating US troops over the past six years, it is the Chinese, Indian, Russian, European, Gulf Oil and financial ruling classes which have reaped the benefits from massive US non-productive expenditures...

"Somalia - After almost 2 years the Ethiopian and the puppet regime only control a few blocks of the capital, Mogadishu, while the rest of the country is in the hands of the Somali resistance...

"Throughout Africa, China, the EU, Japan, Russia and to a lesser degree India and Brazil all have made inroads in securing joint ventures in oil, raw materials export markets and large-scale, long-term infrastructure investments...

"Washington’s attempt to extend its sphere of influence in the Caucasus through a territorial grab by its authoritarian Georgian client, President Mikheil Saakashvili, led instead to a profound defeat of the local satrap’s regional ambitions...

"Venezuela - in April 2003, Washington backed a failed military coup... the Venezuelan leader proceeded to nationalize oil and petrol sectors and develop strategic ties with countries that compete with or oppose the US Empire, such as, Cuba, Iran, China and Russia. Venezuela signed strategic economic agreements in Latin America with Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Cuba and Nicaragua..."

"The US-Israel-United Kingdom cannot support their empire on the bases of failed military strategies abroad and economic disaster and police state policies at home." - Masters of Defeat: Retreating Empire and Bellicose Bluster

British Airways chief executive Willie Walsh says another 30 'weak' airlines could go out of business before Christmas. - Who will be next? XL tour giant collapse 'is beginning of the end' for cheap package holidays

Venezuelan president expels US ambassador amid US-Bolivia tension

Bolivia expels US ambassador Philip Goldberg

Bolivia Opposition Cornered, Kicking

Ecuador, Honduras support Bolivia, Venezuela in expulsion of US envoys

Two High-Ranking McCain Campaign Officials Lobbied For Companies at centre of sex for oil scandal.


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