Monday, September 08, 2008


Webster Tarpley, the author of 'The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush', has written 'The Postmodern Coup'.

In this new book, according to Wikipedia, Tarpley has warned [7] that a shift in power has taken place in the ruling class, with the Brzezinski faction and its presidential candidate Obama ascendant over the lame-duck neocons.

The targets of US imperialism would now be Russia, China and its ally Pakistan, instead of Iraq, Iran and Syria.

What do we know about Tarpley?

According to Wikipedia, "Tarpley maintains that the events of 9/11 were engineered by a rogue network of the military industrial complex.

"His writings and speeches describe a model of false flag terror operations by a rogue network in the military/intelligence sector working with moles in the private sector and in corporate media, and locates such contemporary false flag operations in a historical context stretching back in the English speaking world to at least the gunpowder plot in England in 1605...

(Webster Tarpley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Tarpley sees Barack Obama as being the front man for the intelligence agencies.

Tarpley believes Obama's 'controller' is Zbigniew Brzezinski and that Brzezinski may have recruited Obama at Columbia University.

Brzezinski reportedly wants to destroy Russia and China, which means destroying countries like Pakistan.

Reportedly Brzezinski wants to get Russia to fight China.

Obama, according to Tarpley, is linked to Skull & Bones and Wall Street financiers.


What do we know about Brzezinski and his friends?

According to The Arc of Crisis, Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and 'British operative' Bernard Lewis are among the people who are behind many of the troubling events in the Moslem world.

Reportedly, the Bernard Lewis Plan involved using the Muslim Brotherhood to help Khomeini come to power in Iran.

The idea is to promote the break up of Moslem countries along ethnic and religious lines.

Lewis reportedly wants to encourage nationalistic minorities, such as the Lebanese Maronites, the Kurds, the Armenians, Druze, Baluchis, Azerbaijani Turks, Syrian Alawites, the Copts of Ethiopia, Sudanese mystical sects, and Arabian tribes.

Brzezinski believes that US global dominance depends on US control of Soviet Central Asia.

In The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives, Brzezinski writes about a zone of “percolating violence” including all of Central Asia, Turkey, southern Russia, the western borders of China, the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Reportedly, Brzezinski and Bernard Lewis believing that Islamic fundamentalism can be used to destabilize Russia.

Does the West support Islamic fundamentalists?

Reportedly, a faction of the Muslim Brotherhood overthrew the Shah.

Peter Goodgame, ("Globalists and the Islamists"), wrote that 'with the rise in energy prices the development of the Third World was checked, but the Arab Middle East became greatly enriched. This was when the Globalists turned to their allies, the Islamists, to remedy the situation. Islam would be used to attack industrialization and modernization using the lie that human progress was un-Islamic and a Western plot against the servants of Allah.'

Reportedly (The Arc of Crisis) the West opposed the idea of the Shah developing nuclear power.

According to Robert Dreyfuss, in 'Hostage to Khomeini', in 1975, Western 'plans for reversing the Shah’s industrialization program and for turning Iran into a model dark ages regime were mapped out.”


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