Saturday, September 13, 2008

The 'CIA's coup' in Turkey in 1980

General Evren who was part of NATO's Operation Gladio.

On 12 September 1980, the Turkish military, reportedly working with the CIA, took over the government of Turkey.

President Carter was notified about the coup by a CIA officer with the news: 'Our boys have done it!' ("Never miss an opportunity to show your sympathy")

The CIA's Ankara bureau chief, Paul B. Henze, received a call from the White House Situation Room saying "Paul, your guys have done it" (Turkey still awaits to confront with generals.)

What was the result of the 'CIA coup'?

Around 650,000 people were detained.

50 were executed.

171 were murdered while in custody.

Hundreds of thousands were tortured.

Thousands are still missing.

14,000 lost their citizenship.

All political parties, unions and foundations were closed. ( Turkey still awaits to confront with generals.)

General Kenan Evren became President of Turkey as a result of the 1980 coup.

Evren was a commander in Gladio's Turkish branch of NATO's "stay-behind" secret armies.[2]

The generals who carried out the 1980 coup are safe. Reportedly, "the legal barriers protecting the generals that orchestrated the coup from trial are still in place". (Turkey still awaits to confront with generals of the coup in September 1980 ...)


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