Monday, September 29, 2008

The CIA, MI6, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Scottish Islamic Foundation

Reportedly, in 1957, the CIA and MI6 used the Muslim Brotherhood to destabilize Syria and assassinate its nationalist leaders (see Jean Shaoul, CIA-MI6 planned to assassinate Syrian leaders in 1957).

Reportedly, the CIA and MI6 used the Muslim Brotherhood to topple Iranian leader Mohammed Mossadegh and later the Shah. (World Prout Assembly: Abdullah Azzam and the Omissions of Neocon ... / aangirfan: The use of the Muslim Brotherhood by MI6 and the CIA.)

Reportedly, the CIA and MI6 want to keep certain countries weak and easy to control.

In other words, the CIA and MI6 oppose 'nationalism'.

Reportedly, the CIA and MI6 promote the idea of an Islamic Caliphate in order to weaken nationalism in countries such as Egypt.

Reportedly, the CIA and MI6 use the Muslim Brotherhood to promote the idea of a global Islamic Caliphate.

In June 2008, a new Muslim group called the Scottish Islamic Foundation was launched in Edinburgh. (New Muslim Brotherhood Front? Islam ...)

The leading members of the Scottish Islamic Foundation are closely linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Osama Saeed is the chief executive of the Scottish Islamic Foundation.

Osama Saeed has worked as a researcher for Alex Salmond and is to be the SNP's candidate for Glasgow Central in the next general election.

Saeed was once a spokesman for the Muslim Association of Britain, the British version of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Scottish government has given £400,000 to the Scottish Islamic Foundation.

Is it possible that Osama Saeed, the Scottish Islamic Foundation and the Muslim Brotherhood are all secretly working to destabilise the Scottish National Party and prevent Scotland from becoming independent?

Private Eye, 19 September 2008, has a story suggesting the Osama Saeed business may eventually damage the reputation of the Scottish National Party and its leader Alex Salmond.

Private Eye has long had links to the British security services.

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