Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Sami El Haj, the journalist formerly held prisoner at Guantanamo by the USA

At Sami El Haj, Al Jazeera journalist, tells his story to Silvia Cattori

Among the points made by Sami:

1. Many of the terrorist attacks since 1996 were financed and manipulated by agents of MI6, the CIA and Mossad.

2. "It was brave witnesses like the former German minister, Andreas Von Bülow [2] in particular, who discovered and denounced this kind of criminal activity, practised by the superpowers.

"Apart from the new media, which journalist has ever spoken of the revelations made by this great man, Andreas Von Bülow?" ( Former Top German Minister Rejects Official Story Of 911 Attacks ... )

Von Bulow

3. The Americans wanted Sami to work as a spy within Al Jazeera.

In exchange, they offered him American citizenship and payment based on results.

"I refused. I told them repeatedly that my job is a journalist, not a spy, and that it was my duty to make the truth known and to work for the respect of human rights..."

4. "The interrogations were the responsibility of Colonel Morgan, a specialist psychiatric doctor. This colonel was stationed in Guantánamo from March 2002."

Morgan had served at the Afghan prison in Bagram from November 2001.

"He gave instructions to the officers who were torturing us, studied our reactions, then noted every detail in order to be able to adapt the torture techniques to each detainee, which had profound psychological consequences..."

5. Sami thinks that most of the world’s intelligence services came to Guantánamo.

"I saw British and Canadians. They came to find out about the interrogation techniques, and also to supply the CIA and FBI with advice on how to torture and interrogate from what they had learned..."

6. Sami says he has never in his life met anyone who has said to him, “I belong to Al Qaida”...

7. "89% of the prisoners in Guantánamo were bought, for hard currency, from the Pakistani authorities..."


8. "The terrorist attacks of 11th September 2001 were immediately used as a pretext by Tel Aviv and Washington to direct international policy towards military objectives which had been planned for a long time."

9. "In particular, they were the pretext for wiping out any form of resistance to their criminal policies, starting with Palestinian and Muslim resistance.

"After the break up of the Soviet empire, the Islamic world was labelled the new 'axis of evil'".

10. "From the early 90’s, the US and Israel have worked to arouse fear of and intolerance towards Muslims, to influence secret services of different countries, to infiltrate and finance them, to encourage the underdogs to carry out terrorist attacks, in order to then point the finger at them and justify coercive measures, kidnappings, torture and arbitrary detention."



Ali.mostaque said...

10 is a lucky number.

Yes GWOT is a hoaks.

What surprises me is that the brave and noble officers in the Pak military who helped create the myth of al-Qaeda (essential role one would say) have not come forward to tell the truth......especially given their former benefactor is now carrying out negative ops on the Pak soil.

GWOT was another clever Jew idea that has done more harm than America.

Ali.mostaque said...

It is taken as given that most people in the know, know that al-Qaeda is fake.

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