Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Had Hilary Clinton "voted against the attack on Iraq, against the foul Kyl-Lieberman amendment (in retrospect, that was the vote that killed her chances), and against cluster bombs ( a big favorite amongst Jewish Billionaires for dropping on Muslim children), and campaigned as a No More Wars For The Jews Party member, she would have cleaned up on the nomination almost immediately, and people would be saying 'Obama who?' Her tragedy is that she didn't need the Jewish Billionaires..." - permanent link

Algeria in new talks on Russian warplanes - agency

Terrorism: CIA attempts to topple Algeria's president?

Life in Malaysia - Telegraph Mentor

9/11 The lies persist. Debunking the debunkers

Miliband urged to lead Labour

Miliband ready to take up leadership gauntlet

"The UK Foreign Secretary, The Boy David Miliband the King in Waiting, said today, 'General Suleiman's election as President of Lebanon is an important step forward for Lebanon'... Of course this whipper snapper , Zionist US lap dog will support General Michel Sulieman for no better reason than that he is the glove puppet for the US..." - US finally install General Michel Sulieman as Lebanese President

Mbeki under fire as South Africa mob violence spreads


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