Saturday, May 10, 2008


Andrew Roberts, Bush, the security services and oil.

Cindy McCain. Rich bitch

"Already one in five Britons have cancelled plans to go on holiday in the wake of the credit crunch. And just last week two travel firms collapsed - with experts now fearing many more will soon follow." - Thousands of holidaymakers in re-booking nightmare as travel firms face financial uncertainty

Egypt inflation peaks to three-year high of 16pc

"For Pakistan's political class the issue of the sacked judges now overarches all others -- the chronic power outrages in cities like Karachi, the food crises assailing the poor, even the smoldering insurgencies on the borders with Afghanistan." - Impossible judicial crisis

Congo outlines $9bn China deal

One in three people buying flights online 'is ripped off'

Tense situation in Lebanon

UK Minister admits majority in favour of independece...!

Why the propaganda campaign for international intervention in Burma?

Amnesty International denounces war crimes by US-backed forces in Somalia

US Navy resurrects Fourth Fleet to police Latin America


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