Sunday, May 25, 2008


Photo of Boris Johnson posted to Flickr as Boris & I - by adamprocter2006

Mayor Boris scraps Venezuelan energy deal

Boris Johnson's father Stanley worked for MI6 (Cripes! It’s Boris’s dad - Times Online). What about Boris?

Boris Johnson was editor of The Spectator, which reportedly is full of spies. (Editor 'provided cover for spies' Media The Guardian)

CIA Protects Al-Qaeda Group From Extradition

Bilderberg Luminary To Select Obama's Running Mate

The History of Tibet - by the BBC - missing out the fascinating part the CIA have played and continue to do so

Argentina: Agricultural strike – what's really behind this?

Banks: "One of the biggest swindles in Canadian history, the elimination of statutory reserve requirements on Canadian banks, passed by essentially unnoticed in the early 90s... As soon as the reserve requirements were eliminated, the Canadian government was no longer able to access the statutory reserve requirement funds held in the Bank of Canada, and thus had to turn for borrowing to private banks. The Canadian banks then started making the annual billion dollar profits to which they have become accustomed...

"I'm not a fan of the American right-wing conspiracy theories that some secret cabal of (no doubt Jewish) financiers is stealing Americans blind due to their ownership of the Federal Reserve. This kind of nonsense simply obscures the real conspiracies whereby public wealth is turned over to private hands. The Canadian decision to eliminate the statutory reserves is an example of a real conspiracy..." - permanent link


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